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Pilates classes in Les Corts

Written by Paula

Pilates is a combination of gymnastics, physical therapy, and yoga that helps us stretch our muscles, get rid of knots, better our posture, become more aware of our body and learn to relax.

If you live in the district of Les Corts and would like to start or continue your practice of Pilates, these are best studios available.

Holmes Place

pilates barcelonaOne of the most popular gyms in Barcelona, Holmes Place offers Pilates classes that can be taken once, twice or five times a week. There are several classes throughout the day, which means you can choose the hours that best suit you. If you prefer to exercise in the morning, Holmes Place has Pilates classes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you prefer going in the beginning of the afternoon, try Tuesdays and Thursdays classes. If you are one of those people that rather exercise after work to relax, there are Pilates classes available every day of the week, except for Thursday.

To learn more about Holmes Place’s Pilates classes check out the gym’s official website.

Dinamic Pilates

Dinamic Pilates offers daily Pilates classes. There are classes for beginners and advanced classes in which students use mats or reformers. Beginner classes and mat classes cost around 50€ per month for have one class per week. If you prefer to go twice a week, the cost is 80€. Before choosing your class, check out the studio’s promotions.

Stream Pilates

pilates barcelonaStream Pilates offers weekly Pilates classes for beginners, experienced students, pregnant women and senior citizens. Prices start at 60€ per month.

Most Pilates studios also offer massage and chiromassage services, as well as other types of therapy.

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