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Where To Find Warm Quilts And Duvets in Barcelona

Written by Laura

With the arrival of low temperatures, one of the greatest things we look forward to is pulling out warm duvets and quilts that we can snuggle up under at night. Sheets and blankets are alright, but they’re no match for warm quilts and comforters when you’re ready to be cozy at the end of a long day. With the lower-temperature winters we experience in Barcelona where everyone tends to feel constantly cold, a good-quality quilt can be just what you need to warm up at any time of day. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we’ll be talking about where to find high-quality comforters and quilts in order to for you to warm up during the chilly winter nights.

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Snuggle up in these warm duvets and quilts

Photo via Pixabay

The winter months tend to make us want to stay in bed all day under a pile of comfortable blankets, but warmer textiles such as quilts are more likely to keep you warm with less fabric. The lightness and comfort of these textiles are much more efficient when it comes to warmth, and not just when you’re going to bed – quilts and comforters can fill all different areas of your home for when you want to snuggle up. While quilts and comforters are generally just made from sheet material, they cover a layer of feathers or other warm materials as a way to keep out the cold. This type of bedding is called “nórdico” in Spanish, so you can guess where its country of origin is. In nordic and Scandinavian countries, their ability to create warm and cozy items is unparalleled. Quilts and covers that are filled with fibers (the more economic option) rather than feathers are the easiest type to wash in a washing machine, which makes the sometimes annoying process of washing bedding much easier. Along with those filled with fibers and feathers are duvets filled with down, which are more expensive than feather-filled duvets but more warm and luxurious. However, it’s unadvised to wash these items in a washing machine, so you should instead take them to the dry cleaner’s to be washed. The warmer and higher-quality the down feathers, the more soft and comfortable the blanket will be.

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Photo via Pixabay

Duvets and quilts have a lot of advantages, among them being their lightness and efficiency that makes them superior to the blankets of everyday life, of which you may need multiple more to stay warm. In addition, thicker covers are much more versatile than blankets, as your ability to change the duvet cover and therefore the style of your bed is highly valuable. Lastly, they don’t generally come with too high of prices, making changing out the style of your bed every once in a while an affordable process. One of the experts in warm comforters, duvets and duvet covers is Ikea; at this Scandinavian superstore you can find all sorts of covers and duvets filled with warm materials for all tastes and budgets. Another store option for duvets and other warm bedding made of high-quality materials is La Mallorquina, which has an extensive variety of different styles. If you prefer to shop online, you can always search on Amazon; they have a wide variety of duvets, duvet covers and warm nordic blankets for a range of affordable prices.

Have you already pulled out your warm quilts and duvets for the winter?

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