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Good parks for dogs in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona, in general, is quite a dog-friendly city with dogs being allowed to enter a number of shops and restaurants, ride the Metro during certain hours, and even go to the beach. Dogs are welcome in parks all across the city but we decided to write about parks that aren’t so crowded, which will let you explore a new part of Barcelona and will give your pup plenty of room to run and play.

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Parc de Can Dragó

Photo via Pixabay

Parc de Can Dragó is located in Nou Barris, along Avinguda Meridiana. This is a peaceful neighborhood that is just a quick metro ride away from the city center, making it an ideal location for living in Barcelona. This park covers a good amount of space and offers lots of shade and several sports facilities like basketball courts, a pool, and a gym. Many locals walk their dogs here since there is plenty of free space for them to roam free. There is also a dog park or pipican, a fenced-off area where dogs can run around freely together and play. It’s equipped with a fountain and plenty of trash cans, which means your pup won’t go thirsty and that you will easily be able to get rid of its poops. There are always lots of other dogs here, so as long as yours is friendly, this is a great place to take it to play.

Parc de la Guineueta

Located in Plaça Llucmajor is Parc de la Guineueta, a shady expanse of green that is full of runners, walkers, and their dogs. Under the trees you will find Catalans playing dominos and cards, kids playing games, and dogs running about. This is a great place for dogs, especially in the hot summer months because this park has a small pond where dogs can jump in and cool off. This park isn’t usually very crowd so you don’t have to worry about not having enough open space for your dog to run and play.

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Parc Central de Poble Nou

Photo by: trpnblies7 via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by trpnblies7 via Visualhunt

This beautiful park and garden is a wonderful green space in Poble Nou, running along Avinguda Diagonal. Parc Central is in a popular and lively area of Sant Martí, a fun neighborhood with close proximity to the beach, which makes it a great location to rent on your next holiday to Barcelona. This park is a refuge for those looking to get a little bit of exercise and for dogs looking for friends. Here, you will encounter many other dog walkers looking to stretch their legs in a peaceful and lush area. There are plenty of trash cans and fountains to keep you and your dog hydrated and happy.

Where do you go in Barcelona to walk your dog?

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!


  • Turó Parque actually is not a dog friendly park. There are signs all over that forbids dogs and there is no dog park inside either.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Jennifer!
      The article has been updated.

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