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Decorating your child’s room

Written by Laura

One of the things prospective parents look forward to with the most excitement is decorating the bedroom where their little one will sleep. The majority of decor for these rooms is centered around calmness and tranquility to allow for a peaceful and refreshing night of sleep, something very important for new babies (as well as everyone else, of course). As children grow on there will be periods where they are much more active and are developing their creativity, and at this time bedrooms may change and pastel colors might give way to more lively colors. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we discuss how to decorate a child’s bedroom.

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Tips for decorating a child’s room

Photo via Pixabay

As we mentioned previously, during the first stages of a baby’s growth it’s important that the bedroom is peaceful and relaxing. To achieve this, you can use pastel colors. Some people opt for the traditional choice of light blue for boys and rosy pink for girls, but of course there is no need to stick to the conventional – yellows, greens and mauves will also fit beautifully in a baby’s room. Thin curtains, which allow light to pass through but not so much that it will disturb the baby, are another option. A cozy chair in which you can nurse or give your baby a bottle in a calming environment is also a great way to decorate a room. Soft, smooth lights that won’t interfere in the baby’s sleep also add to the space. A wider cradle that can be turned into a bed will save you money when your child grows. Lastly, an armoire for their clothes, a built-in changing table and chest of drawers for holding belongings and clothes and a rug with lots of space to crawl would all be ideal for a child’s room.

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Photo by pencrush via Visualhunt

As children grow they may need others types of furniture more fitting to their age and needs. The dresser-changing table won’t be necessary anymore, but a small desk for children could be more useful. It is important, especially if the child spends a lot of time at the desk, that the chair they sit in is comfortable to avoid any back pain. If they share a room with a sibling, a bunkbed can be very useful, as the majority of children are delighted with this kind of bed and it’s also a great way to save space and allow more room for toys and playing in the room. During this time, children can also choose what kind of colors and things they like for their room which will likely be a combination of lively and bright colors. In any case, it’s important not to mix more than three strong colors in order to avoid creating a chaotic space. A neutral base color for the curtains and blankets, such as white, beige or grey can be the best combination to go with two strong colors to truly harmonize the space. Storage furniture is all you’ll need after that to store the arsenal of toys around the room. If you need more advice about interior design or if you are thinking of redesigning your home, don’t hesitate to contact our interior design and architecture department at ShBarcelona.

What other advice do you have for decorating a child’s room?


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