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Motorcycle Outlets In Barcelona

Written by Brian S

The bikes may not be from Easy Rider, but the motorbikes in Spain’s major cities, including Barcelona, are a hot commodity to get around easily with the traffic and narrow streets, plus the open roads along to coast and in the country. Spain’s bike culture, both on pedals and via motor, is fairly popular and is obvious throughout the city. These are a few of the place where one can get a bike, have it repaired, and buy necessary goods for the drive.

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Outlet Moto

Photo via Pixabay

Located in seven cities throughout Spain, including Barcelona, Outlet Moto sells helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, and various accessories including bags, thermal layers, various spare parts, and motorbike oil discounted up to 70% off the retail price. For 189€, more than a third off the retail price, costumers can buy a ALPINESTARS AMOK AIR DS JACKET 4 SEASONS or a SCORPION VX15 EVO AIR helmet for 79€, more than half off the retail price. Plus, they ship to all European Union members, from Ireland to Italy to Lithuania. Address: Carrer de Pallars, 65, 08018.

Moto Aranda

Photo via Pixabay

Since 1941, Moto Aranda (named after motorbike enthusiast Fernando Aranda), has served Barcelona as the main hub for Honda in the city while also selling parts for affordable prices. They involve all types of bikes, from Super Sport to Street to Off-Road. For 59€ per month, bikers can lease the Vision 110 scooter. The Honda CB500X street bike can be leased for 89€ per month. And, for 149€ per month, a biker can lease the Travel bike CRF1000L Africa Twin. It is a place for the Honda lovers who are seeking a certain type of bike for going up the country. Addresses: Carrer de Mallorca, 660, 08027; Carrer de Pau Claris, 155, 08009.

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USA Polo

For the past 25 years, USA Polo have aided all enthusiasts who travel the road and onto every street in Barcelona and throughout the nation. They do mechanical work on motorcycles and give solid technical expertise for both new and old motorcycles. This includes selling spare parts, painting, and refitting tires. Within 24 hours, they will have any motorcycle repaired. They know how to upkeep any bike any time and they are trustworthy in their work to return the bike at its finest. Address: Calle Provença, 207, 08008 Barcelona


Photo via Pixels

In its three locations in Barcelona, Motocard serves for motocycles, bicycles, and both race cars and bikes. They have just about everything all in one store. Gear for motocross, the road, or just casual biking, plus dozens of accessories and brands for everything a biker wants. Specialized helmets, clothing that is both thermal and waterproof, cleaning tools to keep the bike shiny, suits; the list goes on and on for what Motocard has and little of what it doesn’t have. Addresses: C/ València, 511, 08013; C/ Tuset, 14, 08006; C/ Muntaner, 83, 08011. Barcelona’s bikers need to travel the roads with safety and comfort. Places like these help them stay on top of their ride. It’s always good to know where they are and that they are as enthusiastic as you are about riding the roads freely.

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