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Where to eat gluten-free in Barcelona

Written by Dorothy

Barcelona put its name firmly on the gluten-free map last March, with the first fair of gluten-free diet and products in Spain taking place. Over 50 companies converged to showcase their range of food suitable for celiacs or gluten intolerant people.

The event signalled important recognition for the significant yet often neglected proportion of the population who suffer gluten intolerances.  While gluten free venues are still not exactly easy to stumble across when out and about in Barcelona, there are some decent quality options to be found across the city.

Gluten-free in Barcelona:

Copasetic, a trendy and intimate little bistro in the Eixample district, has to be the top pick of gluten free venues in Barcelona. Located just a 5/10 minute walk from Plaza Espanya, Copasetic offers delicious, high-quality unique dishes that can be made gluten free at your request and enjoyed in a stylish, comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The owners are wonderfully accommodating to gluten free requests. What’s more they have a delicious selection on offer and at very reasonable prices. Copasetic is particularly popular for its tasty and creative brunches, which includes a wide selection of sweet and savory crepes and specialty egg dishes like Benedict and Florentine. They also have salads, sandwiches, burgers and several appetizers to choose from.
Copasetic is a venue which adapts itself to all times of the day… a perfect place for brunch, coffee, dinner or simply as a bar in which to enjoy its extensive range of cocktails. They also have gluten free Belgian beer on offer.


Address: Carrer Diputació, 55


For gluten free food on the go, Conesa is your answer. You can enjoy your pick of sandwich filling safe in the knowledge that the bread is certified gluten-free and regularly tested to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Plenty to choose from here, from traditionally Catalan options such as pork loin and ham, botifarra with Romesco sauce to vegetarian options such as escalivat (roast peppers, aubergines and onion with blue cheese).

Address: in the Gothic quarter, at Llibreteria 1, just off Plaça Sant Jaume, and a second venue in Sants on Creu Coberta 80.


Forn Boix
If you want to be gluttonous without being glutinous, head to the Forn Boix bakery in the the Raval distric, close to La Rambla. The smell will undoubtedly pull you in, after which you need to head to the back of the shop where you can find a table laden with 100% gluten-free goodies, all sealed in plastic boxes. The food is high quality and creative, including loaves of bread called “pan de molde” which comes in several flavors like sunflower seeded, pumpkin seeded, or mixed seeded. You can also indulge in double layered cookies filled with either hazelnut chocolate or berry jam, vanilla sugared breakfast muffins (Magdalenas), and more.
Expect to pay for the quality, with a loaf of gluten-free bread notching up to 5€.

forn boix

Address: Carrer Hospital, 20 and Carrer Xucla, 23


Another place to indulge without the gluton, is Syngluten (the clue being in the name) located in the Sants district. Its bold claim to make the best freshly-baked bread in Barcelona does seem to have some merit. In fact its a good idea to call in advance to place your order as their loaves sell out fast. They also offer other tempting treats like chocolate croissants, muffins, cakes, and pizzas. Check out their website for more information.

Address: Carrer Galileo 115 (Sants)


Baci D’Angelo
Unfortunately the gluten-free patisserie of this name that was once in the Clot district is no more. However, from the comfort of your computer you can still choose from and order a range of Baci D’Angelo goodies, from homemade gluten-free bread to crepes, muffins, birthday cakes… the works! Items ordered can be delivered in less than 24 hours and transport within Barcelona City is free. They deliver from Monday to Saturday.


Best gluten-free dinner: La Lluna
For an all-out slap-up dinner minus the gluton, head to La Lluna, tucked away down a quiet alleyway, just a hop and skip from La Rambla. This restaurant has a bit of a classic old-school style that may not be up everyone’s street, but if you can look beyond that the food shouldn’t disappoint and there is a good range of gluten-free and vegetarian options on offer. The owners of La Lluna have gone to the bother of marking which items on their menu are gluten-free, making your life that bit easier. And no need to turn down that tempting warm bread they offer, as it too is gluten-free bread (albeit it’s not a freebie).


Address: Carrer Santa Anna, 20 (Gothic quarter).

About the author


Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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