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Spanish and Catalan cuisine

Popular Drinks in Barcelona

Written by Priyankaa

As the summer months approach and the weather gets warmer, there is nothing better than sitting on the terrace of one of the many cafés, bars, and restaurants in Barcelona and watching the world go by while enjoying a drink.

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Whether you are living in the city or staying in Barcelona for a short-term, ShBarcelona will show some of the most popular drinks that Barcelonians love to sip in the sun – be sure to give them a go!

The most popular beverages in Barcelona


During your stay in Barcelona, you are guaranteed to see locals enjoying a glass or two of Cava at a bar or restaurant. Whilst we usually associate Spain with sangria, Cava is arguably Barcelona’s most popular drink.

The vast majority of the glorious sparkling wine is produced in the Penedès region of Catalonia, meaning prices are very reasonable and you can order it by the glass. Cava isn’t just reserved for celebrations but can be drunk more casually at any time of the day. 

two glasses of cava

Photo via Pixabay

There are numerous cava bars or “xampanyerias” dotted all over the city but my absolute favourite is La Xampanyeria in Barceloneta’s neighborhood (Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7).

Here you can enjoy a delicious glass of Cava for just €1.50 along with a variety of traditional Catalan tapas whilst you soak up the lively atmosphere. You can also buy bottles of the sparkling wine to take away for an incredibly humble €2.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices, the quality is exceptional!

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Like Cava, beer is an extremely popular choice among locals and they take pleasure in sitting on a terrace and enjoying a cold glass of beer with lunch or as an after work drink. 

moritz beer bottle

Photo via Pixabay

The most popular beers include Estrella Damm, Estrella Galicia, Cruzcampo and of course Moritz, arguably Barcelona’s most famous beer. If you’re a beer fanatic, a visit to the Moritz factory is a worthwhile experience.

Here you can get to grips with brewery process, and most importantly, taste their artisan products!


Ideal for a hot summer’s day, Orxata is a refreshing soft drink that originates from Valencia and is widely enjoyed throughout Spain. It is made from a mixture of tiger nuts, water, and sugar and served over ice.


Photo via Pixabay

Light and thirst-quenching, Orxata is an ideal way to cool down when the temperatures soar. The drink is inexpensive and you will find it on offer at any café around the city. As it is made from tiger nuts instead of milk, you can enjoy Orxata even if you are vegan or lactose-intolerant.

What’s more, the drink is often served with stick-shaped crispy and buttery sweet pastries called fartons which you can dip into the Orxata, making it an extra special treat.

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In Barcelona, ‘la hora del vermut’ – the time for vermouth – is a well-established Catalan tradition that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Sipping on vermouth, served on the rocks or with soda, perhaps with an orange twist or an olive, whilst enjoying some tapas is extremely fashionable.


Photo via Pixabay

So fashionable that the renowned Adria brothers (of El Bulli) opened their own vermutería Bodega1900 in Sant Antoni’s neighborhood (Carrer de Tamarit, 91).

There are many vermut bars all over the city where you can enjoy the light and refreshing aperitivo and blend in as a local!

What is your favorite Spanish drink? And where do you most enjoy drinking it?
Share your tips with other readers!

About the author


Priyankaa is a Hispanic Studies graduate from the University of Birmingham.

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