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Healthy Foods for a Healthy You

Written by Enrique

Maintaining a healthy diet while you are abroad can be extremely challenging. With so many pressure and tight schedules, cheating on diet plans as well as not exercising is more than likely to occur. Barcelona has hundreds if not thousands of places to catch some grub at, but what if you want to eat somewhat healthy. Well, maintaining a healthy food only diet is definitely possible in this health driven city. One of the aspects that this city prides itself on, are the close to infinite amount of styles of food that are available on every corner of the city.

Enjoying Great Traditions

Traditional Spanish as well as Catalan food can at times be slightly rich in fats and not so rich on healthy. However, this is not the case with all food options here in Barcelona. On the contrary, all throughout the city you can notice the initiative that is taken by many individuals to serve healthier styles of food. The actual food may not be the issue at hand though. The true issue is how and what style of cooking is the food being cooked with. Since Barcelona is located more toward the market    Mediterranean, sea food has been a delicacy many gravitate toward.

Healthy foods and cooking styles can easily found all throughout the city. Restaurants like Bo de B offer salads, bocadillos and patatas bravas made one hundred percent from home style cooking. The best part about this type of food is that is simple, it is easy, and best of all it is cheap. All kinds of different flavors and foods are available for some of the lowest prices you will ever witness. It is almost guaranteed that you can fill up your basket at any super market, with foods that will at least last you a week for less than forty euro. Now if you don’t think this is a miracle than I don’t know what else could be.

Local Support

Another prominent attribute about the foods found in Barcelona, is their support for artisanal ingredients. Barcelona is one of the most mindful cities when it comes to support. This city loves to house and host any product that is locally grown. At least once a week at given parts of the city you can find markets filled with delicious homemade treats that will leave your mouth watering. It is literally almost impossible to walk away from any of the stands without at least wanting to buy some local delicacy. All food will not always be the healthiest. More often than not however, you will be making a more conscious effort for a better and more qualitative lifestyle.


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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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