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Where to Buy Motorbike Helmets in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Everyone knows that road safety is incredibly important, and this is especially true for motorists. Many motorists die or suffer grave injuries from accidents on a daily basis on the road in Barcelona, making awareness and common sense especially important for those who get around by means of a motorcycle or motorbike. This risk is also heightened by the fact that the Ciudad Condal is one of the European cities with the most motorcycles per household. In Barcelona, drivers of cars and motorcycles are accustomed to sharing the road, but safety is still a major issue that continues to be a priority to the Barcelona Ayuntamiento, or City Hall. For many years now, the use of motorcycle helmets has been obligatory for those on a bike. In this article from ShBarcelona we will be talking about where to find motorcycle helmets in the Catalan capital.

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Motorcycle helmets, the motorist’s most important investment

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A good helmet can be the difference between life and death for someone who rides a motorbike regularly in the city. Although the speed limit on many main roads in Barcelona is 50 km/hour, this velocity can still prove fatal when a motorcyclist is in an accident. A helmet of good quality will sufficiently protect the most fragile part of your body from suffering a traumatic injury. Full face helmets will be the safest option, as they are made in one piece, will adapt better to your head shape, don’t move around and cover all the areas of the head that are important to protect. Modular or jet helmets, on the other hand, leave your jaw uncovered, which is the area most likely to be injured in a fall.

You can find a variety of motorcycle stores that sell quality helmets to ensure your safety while cruising through the city. It’s a good idea to learn about the most popular helmet brands and models, as those that are more heavily commercialized have likely been tested and approved more conclusively for their safety and quality. There are also a variety of companies and models that sell more attractive and trendy helmets that are popular for their aesthetic design but not so much for their quality – overall, you should prioritize safety over style and brands.

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Photo via Pixabay

At the chain store Tot Moto you can find a great variety of motorcycle helmets, including full face helmets from a variety of brands, adjustable or modular helmets, open jet helmets, helmets for adolescents and children and off-roading helmets. Another quality alternative is Motormania, located at Avenida Meridiana 278. Here you can find a number of models of different helmets, from full face to modular to jet to childrens’ to off-road, as well as helmets from the best brands including Shoei, NZI, Nolan and Shark. The last option we’ll point you to is a place where you can find some of the best motorcycle helmets in Barcelona, Xtreme Motorbike. This motorcycle supplies store, located on calle Emérita Augusta 4, contains a wide variety of quality motorcycle gear. All kinds of helmets and helmet spare parts await you there.

Do you ride a motorcycle in Barcelona? Where have you bought motorcycle helmets before?

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