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How to Get a Motorcycle Licence in Barcelona

Written by Dylan

Like most major European cities, Barcelona is swarming with mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. There are many benefits to eliminating cars from your life and investing in these little wonders. Known locally as “motos”, Barcelona tops the list with the highest number of two-wheeled vehicles per capita in all of Europe. 

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Why do almost 300,000 Barceloneses choose two over four wheels? Well, there is the price, with basic motos costing less than 500€. There is designated parking around the city, which is free. You can filter through the traffic and beat the awkward bulky cars, vans and busses. And getting a driver’s license is pretty straight forward.

In this article from ShBarcelona, we tell you how to obtain and exchange a motorcycle license in Barcelona, of which there are three types in Spain – the AM, A1, A2 and A class.

Getting your motorcycle licence in Barcelona

Types of motorcycle licences – the A1 licence

The A1 license is available for drivers over 18 years of age. If you have a driver’s license issued by an EU country and have three years driving experience, you are eligible to drive a motorcycle with an engine size of between 50cc and 125cc.

scooter in barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

If you have license from another EU country and are a resident of Spain for over 2 years, you may have to exchange your license for a Spanish equivalent, depending on the laws in the country you are from. In some cases, you are able to keep using the same license from your home country.

To exchange your license, you will be checked for sight and hearing ability and will have to prove your age.

Types of motorcycle licences – the A2 licence

If you are over 18 and want to get your Moto A2 license, which entitles you to drive a motorcycle over 125cc and maximum power of 35kW, there are many “autoescuelas” or driving schools in Barcelona.

These play a major part in getting your license in Barcelona as they will organize the submitting of your application.

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Where to get your motorcycle licence

Autoescuela Corsa

Autoescuela Corsa is a company that offers both theory tests and lessons in English. They have a package for 375€ which includes, tuition, theoretical courses, processing fees, materials, the online test, 2 practical closed circuit classes and 2 practical lessons.


Another driving school offering lessons and tests in English is DrivingBCN

different licences

Photo via Pixabay

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What steps to take getting your motorcycle licence

The first step is completing a two-part traffic regulation theory test which consists of a general theory test and a motorcycle specific one. If you already possess your A1 license you are exempt from this test.

After this, you must complete a set number of practice hours on an eligible vehicle. Your practical test lasts for 45 minutes. Once passed, you are eligible for your A2 license.

If you are comfortable with taking lessons in Spanish, Motoescuela offers lessons as well driving tests for all types of motorcycle licenses, and have multiple locations throughout Barcelona.

motorcycle on the road

Photo via Pixabay

Now it goes without saying that if you have no previous experience on a two-wheeled vehicle, you should take lessons with a licensed instructor.

Safety should be your number one priority, you cannot effectively look after your own safety if you do not know how to maneuver your vehicle correctly or if you do not know the rules of the road in Spain. 

Now that you know how to get your license, it’s time to get out and immerse yourself in the moto culture of Barcelona!

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Did you get your motorcycle licence, or are you driving a scooter in Spain?
Share with our readers how much you paid for the A2 motorcycle test and the process of getting the licence!

About the author


Dylan is a freelance writer in Barcelona, enjoying the Spanish culture and weather along with the incredible opportunities life has to offer.


  • hello Dylan,
    Would you have some updates on this post with new adresses?
    It seems that Stop n’Drive does not do the motor licence in English now.

  • Your comment on exchanging licences is not quite right. If you hold an EU licence then you have up to two years to exchange it and there is no theory test, just a basic sight and hearing certification. I did mine last year (UK to Spanish).

  • Do you know anywhere that does lessons for riding a moto in Barcelona?

  • Dylan, where did you get this information?
    Maybe you can get the lessons in English, but you still need to pass the tests, and they are in Spanish.

    • That’s true. You can only take class B test in English. All other tests, including A2 and A2 are only available in Spanish.

  • This is nonsense…. I tried all the schools he mentions and none of them offer or have ever offered the ability to do the test in English. neither did they offer any particular help… just referred me to the Traffic department and said you need to speak spanish.

    • Hi Gareth,
      Sorry to hear they weren’t very helpful!
      When you check, you can see they offer tests in English, but right now, this only works for regular driving tests, not for motor tests.
      It looks like they are working on offering motor tests in English, but unfortunately there is no information on when the option will be available.
      You could check the Spanish motor test to see if your knowledge of the Spanish language is sufficient…

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