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Best Transport Apps in Barcelona

Written by Karen

Barcelona offers an abundance of options for urban explorers to make their way around the city, whether it’s by a stretch of the legs along the city’s expansive footpaths or heading underground to jump on the metro to the next destination.

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There’s also a great city bus system, bicycle scheme and of course, taxis, when the summer heat is a little too much to bear and you want a bit of respite as part of your journey. While Google Maps has become the pocket hero for many travelers to Barcelona, there are a bunch of other transport apps that are well worth the download.

Discover the different transport apps available in Barcelona

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona app

The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) offers several TMB apps for people looking to plan their journey around the city.

The TMB app gives users access to information on the metro and bus lines in Barcelona, services announcements plus other general information about the city’s public transport service providers, as well as providing a contact point for customer service.

TMB bus in Barcelona

Photo by Francesc_2000 via Visualhunt

TMB also offer another app called Barcelona Bus Turístic Virtual, which provides an overview on sights of interest that are close to each stop, so this is a handy pocket guide app on Barcelona. Both apps are available for iPhone or Android.

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If you are going to use your own vehicle to move around, there is an app that may be very useful to you. Trànsit, which translates to “traffic”, allows users to check on the state of the traffic in different points in the city so that you can better plan your route.

The app also gives users access to some of the city’s cameras, so that you can see images of the traffic, and the possibility to program warnings to pop up when the app is turned on, alerting you about problematic traffic areas.


Photo via Pixabay

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Another app that can help you out if you need to take a cab is MyTaxi. This app lets its users book a taxi with as little as a couple of minutes in advance, so it is one of the best taxi apps.

You can check out each taxi’s ratings to choose only the ones with the best reviews and if you have a driver who you have already ridden with who provided a pleasant, professional experience, you can book his services directly.

taxi in traffic in barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

You can easily pay for your rides using the app. All you have to do is link your account to a credit or debit card or your Paypal account. The app also lets you give tips, offering options from 5 to 15%, and the possibility of using promotional codes.

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Bicing app

Bicing, Barcelona’s bicycle scheme, also offers an app for its users. Simple and easy to use, you can search for a list of Bicing stations and their locations as well as the available number of bicycles or vacant spots. You can also save your preferred Bicing stations through the app.

Bicing has taken on an innovative approach to its app by creating the Bicing game, which lets you earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

bicing bicycles in Barcelona

Photo by Josep Ma. Rosell via Visualhunt

With the aim to promote healthy and sustainable activity, Bicing app users can check the distance traveled, average speed, the amount of CO2 saved, calories burned plus the ‘level of happiness’ obtained, measured by the level of endorphins released during the time of the ride.

Points are accumulated through the app that can be redeemed through the virtual app store. The Bicing app is available for iPhone or Android.

What means of transport do you prefer using in Barcelona?
Tell us about the best and/or cheapest way of travelling in the city.

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Karen is a writer with a love for music, travel and vermouth on Sundays, who lives and works in Barcelona.

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