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Motorcycle Scrapping in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

After years of wear and tear, all vehicles, including motorcycles, are taken into the pound for disassembly and metal crushing. More and more people want to recycle their old vehicles for easy cash, and there are companies in Barcelona that will take care of that for you. While motorcycles contain much less metal than a car, there is still a great value in scrapping them. Here’s how it works and where to do it Barcelona.

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The Process of Bike Scrapping

Photo via Pexels

In Spain, the process of scrapping a vehicle or motorbike is complex compared to the UK or the US. The owner of the bike must formally sign off to decommission the motorbike. If the legally entitled owner is dead, then documents of its previous owner are required, including a copy of photo ID, death certificate, and will, which may contain who would be the next owner in line. The decontamination process involves removal of oil, fuel, and brake fluid, among other liquids that may be environmentally harmful. The parts that cannot be used as spares because they are beyond repair are handled carefully due to the possible presence of lead and mercury, and they cannot be mixed in the recycling of metal, plastic, and glass.

Botanica Serveis d’Automocio SL

Photo via Pixabay

At Botanica Automotive Company (Botànica Serveis d’Automoció SL), they have over 40 years of experience in automobile recycling, decontaminating and scrapping vehicles, including motorbikes, saving any spare parts or metal for resale. They can scrap vans and trucks, buy and sell used vehicles, and repair vehicles efficiently and affordably. Their motorcycle scrapyard is located in Hospitalet de Llobregat and offers service to all of Barcelona from towing to decontaminating, scrapping, and selling any parts of the bike that remain useful. Plus, if you can not bring in the bike for any reason, Botánica Automotive also offers the service of collecting bikes with their tow truck.

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Wrecked cars and motorbikes, or even vehicles that have worn out after many years, are often collected for disassembling and metal crunching in order to recycle and reuse parts. With motorbikes, users can get some quick cash for scrapping them while feeling good about recycling. The process helps the environment and clears the street for newer bikes. If you own a bike that is ready for scrapping, consider having it done safely and legally.

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