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Unusual Museums of Barcelona

Written by Laura

In Barcelona there are a variety of museums and spaces where you can engage with culture. In a city with so much history where many civilizations have left footprints, some remnants of these have remained in the form of museums dedicated to their memory, in spaces where you can discover amazing, surprising, fascinating, and of course, rare things. Over time, artifacts become icons, elements that tell us how people lived in other times. With so many options to consider, today in this article from ShBarcelona, we want to talk about the most unknown, curious and strange museums in Barcelona. You may be surprised by the themes of these museums, but we promise, this doesn’t make their objects any less interesting.

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Strange museums in Barcelona for all tastes

Photo via Pixabay

Today we have posted something disastrous and we want to talk to you about death. Yes, the thing that happens to everyone at some point but that no one likes to think about. Death is a universal fear, a part of being a human, that has left for future generations memorable monuments like the many cemeteries belonging to different cultures that can be found all over the planet. For example, the pyramids of Egypt, massive funerary monuments in honor of pharaohs, or sepulchers of illustrative people in revered churches and cathedrals. In Barcelona, we find another curious museum related to the occult, which we find in the Montjüic Cemetery. This is the Museum of Funeral Cars, a fascinating space dedicated to spectacular funeral cars and robes, all of which are organized by historic period.

Another curious museum, ideal for lovers of magic, is Barcelona’s Magic Museum. This space is perfect for those that love the world of spells and those that would like to learn how to perform magic. In the Magic Museum, they explain the tricks behind the spectacles of this discipline throughout history. For example, through workshops, exhibitions, courses and chats you can discover how the grand masters accomplished their performances of illusion, mental powers and magic and the perfect skills one must learn to make a representation of this kind into something absolutely hypnotic.

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Photo via Pixabay

The last option we propose is perhaps the most strange, but this doesn’t make it any less fascinating. Cannabis has its own museum in Barcelona, offering obviously not actual bud for visitors, but rather information about cannabis and how its derivatives have been influential throughout much of history. This museum challenges the idea that this plant is only used by avid adolescents, and shows how we have cohabited with this plant for centuries. In fact, cannabis is linked to one of the most visited and recognizable monuments in Barcelona. On the statue of Columbus, the mythical emblem of the capital located at the end of las Ramblas in Barcelona, the cannabis leaf is present as a decoration on the pedestal of the statue of the explorer. Did Christopher Columbus smoke? Well, we can’t rule it out with certainty, but what we do know, and which has nothing to do with the psychotic effects of the plant, is that hemp was the most highly-used material in the construction of the ships. If you want to know more, visit the Cannabis Museum at Carrer Ample, 35 in Barcelona.

Do you know of any other strange museums in Barcelona?

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