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Nature-related museums in Barcelona

Nature-related museums in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Are you a fan of nature? Barcelona has hundreds of gorgeous landscapes to be explored that include mountains and the sea. If you would like to combine your passion for nature with knowledge, make sure you also stop by some of Barcelona’s nature-related museums.

Museu Blau

museum barcelonaDesigned by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, Museu Blau is the city’s natural science museum. The triangular-shaped, two-story building is the home of more than three million pieces, a collection that was built over a period of more than one century.

The museum’s permanent exhibit is called “Planeta Vida” (Planet Life), which follows the process of the formation of Earth and its natural evolution, going through “Biography of Earth” and “The Earth today”, where visitors can observe thousands of original pieces and replicas from the animal, vegetal, mineral and fungi kingdom.

Museu Blau is located at Parque del Fòrum, Plaza Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5.

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Botanical Garden

Founded in the year of 1999, Barcelona’s Botanical Garden can be considered an open-air museum. There, visitors can see specimens of plants from different areas in the world . There are plants from California, Chile, South Africa, Australia and the Mediterranean.

Barcelona’s Botanical Garden is located at Carrer Dr. Fonti I Quer, 2.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

CosmoCaixa Barcelona is a science museum that was founded in the eighties. It offers a variety of exhibitions that contemplate the environment, nature, science and space.

The Flooded Forest allows visitors to experience wet and dry spots of an Amazon rainforest, with more than 100 species of birds, insects, frogs, piranhas, capybaras and alligators.

The Geological wall displays cuts of geological formation.

The Hall of Matter invites guests on a walk through the evolutionary process.

Clik and Flash is specially designed for children, so they can explore and learn about science.

Touch, touch is a fun activity for adults and children, where they can get to know certain animals upclose and even touch them.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona is located at Carrer d’Isaac Newton, 26.

Mammoth Museum

museum barcelonaThe Museu del Mamut is a paleontological museum created in 2010 to give visitors the opportunity to discover prehistoric fauna. The museum presents a variety of skeletons and life-size reproductions of the animals that existed thousands of years ago. The museum’s collection contains pieces found in expeditions to America, Canada and Russia. There are mammoths, bears and even a saber tooth tiger.

The Mammoth Museum is located at Carrer Montcada, 1.

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