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“Hermes Hunters” exhibit their photographs

Written by Adriana

The presence of the Greek demigod in Barcelona is showed by photographs of several Internet bloggers, Hermes enthusiasts and fans, with the intent to “rescue from oblivion more hidden and unknown Barcelona”. Snapshots that these “hunters” rescue of the corners of the city are now, and until September the 13th, exhibit at the Setba Foundation, located in the Plaza Real number 10 on the 1st floor. Some photographers are: Enrique Camos, Angeles Duran, Jordi Casadevall, Roser Messa, Andres Paredes, Neus Prats, Xavi Soro, Vendrell Alba, Nuria Stained Oviedo Marian and Albert E. Muñoz.

The importance of Hermes in our city comes from the myths that tell that this figure, along with Heracles, founded Barcelona, and protected its trade, its artistic development, its science and its travelers, so it emerged as an economic reference.

A little history…

Cazadores-de-Hermes-Edifici-Sfera-de-Pl-CatalunyaThe intense population, economic and commercial activity growth in many Spanish cities during the nineteenth century imposed the need for a new urban model, after the demolition of the medieval walls. In Barcelona they developed the Eixample (l’Eixample) designed by Ildefons Cerdà, which led to the creation of a new city with the Old City inside (now the Borne and the Gothic Quarter). Multiple god Hermes representations and his attributes are spread out in buildings of this renewed Barcelona. Even today we can see prove of this in facades of private homes, public offices and government buildingd, monuments and many other buildings devoted to commerce, education and culture.

Cazadores-de-Hermes-Passatge-del-CrèditWe acknowledge God Hermes by his wings and caduceus. The wings arise at both ends of the body and are small. The caduceus, a winged staff around which two serpents curl alternately attract and repel, is living proof of apparent submission to unit, an expression of rectitude, and involves continuous adjustments and critical moments with contractions and expansions.

From ShBarcelona we suggest you don’t miss out on this hidden representations of Hermes in the city, as you learn more about the history of this magic and full of culture city that is Barcelona.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.


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