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Moving in

Why you should share a flat when in Barcelona

Written by Dorothy

So, you’re coming to Barcelona. Lucky you! Whether you’re coming for a few days, months or permanently, you’re going to need some accommodation. From someone who has experience of moving from apartment to apartment.. to apartment.. before settling in a very comfortable and happy (and shared) apartment, here are some reasons why flat sharing is the most recommendable option for your stay in Barcelona.

Cut costs

fFlat sharing is extremely common in Barcelona. Living alone is, for the majority, just not financially viable. Rental prices vary greatly depending on the size of the apartment and the location. They can also vary depending on the season. Flat sharing is undoubtedly the best way to lower the price of a rental. More than just the rent, you’ll also save on gas, electricity, maintenance and, depending on the flat dynamics, those essential domestic products and possibly even food. The amount of saving you make will depend on the number of people you live with and of course, the flat itself and location, but you could find your expenses reduced by around 50% when compared to living alone.

Get more for your money

Another advantage of flat sharing over living alone is that it’s much easier to find better quality but affordable accommodation in a good location.

Furthermore, rooms in shared apartments tend to be fully furnished so you should be able to avoid epic and costly trips to Ikea or the challenge of hiking beds and wardrobes up five flights of stairs. Ok, the furnishing is usually a little sparse or basic, so some smaller scale trips may be required to buy those extra frills to make you feel at home.

Make life easier

Relocating to another country, whether temporarily or permanently, is an exciting experience. But it can also be a stressful one. Especially when you are trying to navigate a city, ‘system’ or language that is unfamiliar.  Going into a shared flat can greatly help to alleviate this stress, especially in the initial stages of moving, as you won’t be isolated. First and foremost the stress of finding a flat of a decent standard and in a good area is alleviated as its far easier with shared accommodation. What’s more, you’re highly likely to find yourself living with people who are either going through something similar or else who are highly experienced and knowledgeable sources of advice, whether locals or fellow expats.


When moving to a new city, what better way to meet people and make friends than to move into a shared apartment. When searching for an apartment, you can make the call as to whether you want to look for one or more flatmates. It’s very important to seek out the vibe you feel comfortable living with. But whatever it is, whether it’s chilled or buzzing, one gender or mixed, students or professionals, this is a great way to make friends. In turn, the chances are you’ll meet their friends, and before you know it you’ll have widened your social circle beyond the apartment walls. The types of relationship you form with your flatmates inevitably depend on various factors, but in a city as sociable as Barcelona, at the very least you’re going to find yourself company at the dinner table, or over a cheeky midweek bottle of red. And at the most you’ll form lifelong friendships, you’ll enjoy the nightlife and go on trips and outings together. This has certainly been my fortunate experience, which I’m all the happier for.


shbarcelonaThe best way to integrate rather than being an ‘outsider’ (or ‘guiri’, as they like to call us foreigners!) in Barcelona is to speak at least a little Spanish or Catalan (the latter can gain you even more brownie points!). The Barcelonians are by and large a very open and welcoming bunch. They are more than happy to help foreigners with the motivation to speak their language, and many will jump at the opportunity to practice their English in return. You could find yourself being a very popular flatmate!

How to find the right flat for you

On the ShBarcelona website, you can search hundreds of fully furnished apartments, penthouses, studios and lofts in the center of Barcelona. As one of the leading agencies in monthly rentals, ShBarcelona provides a quality service. They offer flats for rent per day, week, month, year and also for sale. Let ShBarcelona take the stress out of your search for accommodation!

About the author


Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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