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Tree Pollen Allergies in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Many people have seasonal allergies or are allergic to a specific tree or plant species. Generally pollination time is the most important period of allergies, and it is the cause for many irritating symptoms. Some specific species of trees or shrubs in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona are responsible for this annoying condition, and it is important to know which species you can avoid, to limit exposure and reduce your problems. Today, ShBarcelona will tell you which trees in Barcelona cause the most allergic reactions.

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Does your nose itch in some areas of Barcelona? These trees may be at fault

Photo via Pixabay

There are many tree species that can cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms are triggered by different tree or plant organisms and your sensitivity to certain pollens and spores. Usually inconveniences range from an itching nose or clearing your throat, to sometimes an asthma attack. More common irritations are also itchy eyes, watery eyes, nasal congestion, throat itching, headaches and, in some cases, dizziness or vertigo. If the symptoms are only mild, many people do not pay much attention to it, but if they are more serious, allergic rhinitis can be treated with antihistamines or with immunotherapy. One of the trees that causes allergies and is mainly responsible for these annoying symptoms for thousands of people in Barcelona, is the so-called London plane (or Platanus x hispanica). This variety is also one of the most abundant tree species in the Catalan capital, and hundreds of streets and avenues enjoy the shade of these large tree specimens, which are perfect to protect us from the full sun with its large leaves and great height, but with an especially aggressive pollen. It is cause number one for most of the allergies experienced in Barcelona.

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Photo via Pixabay

But the London plane is not the only tree responsible for allergies in the metropolitan area. Olive trees (or Olea europaea) can also result in allergic reactions, and there are many people who suffer symptoms of allergic rhinitis being close to them. Although they are not as common as the previous tree in the streets of Barcelona, there still are many, especially in parks and gardens or in the Collserola mountain range. Wild privet (or Ligustrum vulgare) should also be added to the list of allergy causing trees in Barcelona. You can find it in many streets and parks in the Catalan capital. Other types of greenery that are the culprit of many allergies are grasses, which are very common in forest areas, parks and gardens, and pollination takes place from May to June. Pellitory-of-the-wall (or Parietaria officinalis), which pollinates during a longer period of time, from February to September, is another very problematic example. As you can see, there are many trees in Barcelona that can cause allergies, and if you suffer from hay fever, mild or severe, check out which ones you can avoid being exposed to.

What tree or plant causes your allergies in the Catalan capital?

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