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Top gyms in Sant Marti

Written by Emma

Improving your fitness in Sant Marti is a surprisingly pleasant, easy and affordable experience in these three top-notch gyms.

Bac de Roda

Bac de Roda gym Cycling machinehas absolutely unbeatable facilities at a very competitive price. This gym is comprised of several floors and provides a stunning view to keep you occupied and focused while you train, as well as natural lighting throughout. For those interested in getting fit through swimming Bac de Roda is the place to be. Boasting two indoor swimming pools and an outdoor pool to enjoy over the hot summer months (with a beautifully landscaped garden and hammocks to relax in), swimming at Bac de Roda is nothing but a pleasure – and the multiple pools are never too busy to get the opportunity to get your train on. The list of incredible facilities goes on; with a floor dedicated to cardiovascular exercise, an extensive weights room, an extremely large room dedicated to spin classes, a huge dance and yoga studio and three different sports courts. This gym also offers a boundless range of clubs and lessons – of particular note they host outdoor clubs varying from mountain club to skaters club to friends club. As well as all the unbelievable facilities and activities, at Bac de Roda you can also heal and soothe your body after straining workouts, with acupuncture and physiotherapy sessions on offer. They also have a delightful restaurant and bar overlooking the pretty pool and beauty packages including hair removal and a whole host of other beauty treatments. This gym is truly the full package and then some, all at the completely shockingly low price of 50 € per month for full access.

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While a fair bit smaller and busier, this gym comes at an even more outrageously low price while remaining competitively well equipped. SimplyGym has extremely modern equipment and three rooms dedicated to different styles of cardio exercise machines – so you should never feel the pressure of someone waiting to use your treadmill. A fourth room is dedicated to weights and covers all your lifting needs. Another massive bonus to this gym is that the shower and changing rooms are consistently dazzlingly clean and well looked after, however, this does come at a price of 5 € per minute of shower time – well worth it to avoid some other sweaty gym-goers athletes foot! The instructors at SimplyGym are extremely knowledgeable and plentiful, ready to help you reach your goals, keep you motivated, and learn what exercises or equipment might best work for you. The gym holds group classes, fitness classes (both of which are available as part of the basic package, being played on large TV screens at all times) and personal trainer sessions, again at beyond competitive prices. For the basic package, being access to equipment but no monitored classes you will pay 9.90 € per month, access to monitored classes costs 24.90 € per month, and for full access the price is 29.90 € per month with no committal contract – an utter bargain.

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Claror Marítim

HydrotherapyFor those slightly less motivated to get fit and more interested in the spa-like perks of joining a gym, Claror Marítim gym will offer a more relaxing, luxurious and family friendly experience for you when you haven’t got full focus on strengthening your body, with the option to do so still a very appealing one. This gym has recently been refurbished and so all of its beautiful amenities reflect this. Claror Marítim unsurprisingly has direct access to the beach with views to match it’s luxurious and easy-going approach. Alongside all the standard gym equipment you’d expect, this gym focuses on body, mind and fitness. Aside from a long list of classes including spinning, mountain biking and zumba, Claror Marítim offers some more unique activities, such as water aerobics, table tennis and stretching or toning classes. Despite all this, the true shining star of this gym is it’s spa area – it is beautiful, elegant and sensational, a truly up-market experience without the price tag. With their focus on body, mind and wellness, Claror Marítim has a staggering list of health, beauty and medicine sessions, including help with quitting smoking, mud treatments, aqua physiotherapy, aromatic massage and much more. If you have kids it’s a great place to enjoy some family fun and get your children into fun and beneficial sports and activities. The steepest gym package price sits at 51.09 € per month with a pricey registration fee, but this gives you total access and the high quality of every aspect of this gym is beyond worth it.

Which aspects of a gym experience are most important to you?

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