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Kick your smoking habit in Barcelona

Written by Christine

One of the number one New Year’s resolutions every year is to quit smoking.  Now that we are a few months into the new year, maybe you have been able to successfully stop smoking or perhaps you’re still struggling to quit once and for all.  If you’re looking for a new way to help you quit smoking there are some tools in Barcelona that can lead you to your goal.  Whatever your reasons are for kicking the habit you can have the help and support you need along the way to help be you smoke-free.

Ex-smokers are Unstoppabble

Crushed cigarettesThis is a unique program set in place by the EU’s official anti-smoking campaign.  They have partnered with FC Barcelona to inspire fans and Barcelona residents to stop smoking, specifically targeting people between the ages of 24-35.  Ex-smokers are Unstoppable has had a 40% success rate with people that have joined the campaign, meaning that these people have been able to permanently give up the habit of smoking.  This program has a unique tool called iCoach that helps you to track your progress and give you support to get you through the cravings that tempt so many back into smoking.  It is a tool that you can use online or on your mobile phone that is divided into five phases starting from the beginning “I do not plan on stopping” until the fifth phase “I have stopped for some time now.”  Whichever phase you begin in iCoach will give you tips and support throughout the program.  Best of all it’s a free tool so why not give it a try?


iPhoneMore than 2 million people have downloaded the QuitNow! app for Android and iPhone to aid them on their journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle.  This handy app tracks various aspects of your progress after you put in your personal information like your daily smoking habits and how much you normally spend on cigarettes.  It will tell you the time since you last cigarette, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked (compared to how many you would if you were still smoking), and how much money you have saved since you are not buying cigarettes.  Seeing these statistics is a key to success since it will show you how much improvement you are making every day despite how difficult it may be.  In addition the QuitNow! app lets you unlock certain “prizes” when you reach different milestones.  The World Health Organization will tell you an indicator of where you are on their health scale every time you pass a certain level of your journey.


CigarettesThis program is like a support group for those in Barcelona who want to change their lives and quit smoking but may need more help along the way.  Stepbac begins with a 5-hour seminar to tell you not only about the physical risks and addiction to smoking but also explores more of the psychological effect that this addiction has as well.  The creators of the program want you to understand why you smoke and to replace this bad habit with healthier ones.  Once you are a member you will have access to Stepbac’s website which is full of useful tools and advice to keep you motivated along the way.  This program was developed in Barcelona by health professionals looking to inspire people to lead a healthier life and “step back” from the power of cigarettes.  They believe in showing people how much happier and healthier they will be once they are free from the addictive routine of smoking.  Become a part of the Stepbac community today and get ready to change your life!

About the author


Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!


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  • I will give this App a try. What’s more to lose at this point of time? I have been trying to fully quit smoking since last year. It is a big struggle for me, I hope this app can really help me out.

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