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8Fit: The app for those who hate exercise

8Fit The app for those who hate exercise
Written by Paula

Displeased with his physical shape, Pablo Villalba decided to take an informed approach to fitness. He dove deep into research, reading all the articles about nutrition and exercise, bought an activity tracker and put his new knowledge to use.

It took only six months for Pablo to reach his ideal physical condition of only 14% body fat, dropping an astounding 6 clothing sizes.

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8fit barcelonaIt didn’t take long for friends to notice Pablo’s evolution, demanding to know how he had done it. Pablo started advising friends via e-mail, which sparked the idea of creating an app in which he could share his knowledge with a wider audience.

After quitting his own company, Teambox, Pablo started working to create 8Fit, the first integrated app for Workout and Nutrition. He hired a team of professional nutritionists and trainers to design top-quality programs, in order to be able to offer users an educational and personalized tool.

Is 8Fit for you?

8Fit is an excellent tool for both experienced athletes and beginners in the world of exercising. The app is particularly useful for those who have trouble exercising due to lack of motivation, support or information.

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What does 8Fit offer?

8Fit offers custom workout plans that are fully customized, so you can engage in high-intensity workouts adapted to your personal goals.

8Fit also tackles nutrition, offering high a protein diet plan that significantly improves energy levels and fat loss.

The app allows you to track your progress, which can play a great part in keeping you motivated.

If you choose the paid version of the app, you will also have access to personal trainers for one-on-one coaching sessions where professional trainers answer your fitness questions.

Using 8Fit

Download 8Fit directly from the company’s official website or at Google Play Store.

When you have installed the app, start by choosing your gender and your goal. Do you want to lose fat, get fitter or gain muscle mass?

8fit barcelonaThe next step is entering the data about you: age, height, weight. Estimate your body fat based on a selection of photographs that show different body types.

Sign up with your Facebook or e-mail account.

You can choose the perfect program for you by going into the “Workouts” tab. In order to select the program, the app will ask you to take a strength test, a 10-minute workout to determine your level.

Get set, ready, GO!

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