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Barcelona – one of the top cities for investment projects

Barcelona Top European city for investment projects
Written by Michael

In a recent report, the Catalan capital has been ranked 10th most popular urban region in the world for foreign investments, and 7th European city with the best outlook for the future – take that financial crisis! And it was also ranked 19th and 10th for global competitiveness in the world and Europe, respectively.

These conclusions were drawn at the Observatory Barcelona earlier this month and were presented by the Barcelona City Council and Chamber of Commerce.

The annual report which uses a number of social and economic indicators, along with additional prestigious studies, compares Barcelona with other cities across the globe, and has once again proved that Barcelona is going from strength to strength and further establishing its position in terms of both business and economics.

The report goes on to highlight the fact that Barcelona increased its position in terms of how many foreign investors have entered the Catalan market.

Barcelona’s new position on the European chart puts it ahead of Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris.

The total rate for entrepreneurial activity in Barcelona is above that recorded in both Germany and France.

In areas such as science and technology, the region of Catalonia ranked 5th in Europe, and tourism is another area where Barcelona exceled, achieving the 23rd spot in a list of top destinations for tourists across the globe.

Barcelona’s airport – El Prat – alone saw over 35million passengers in 2013 and is now considered one of the busiest and most important thoroughfares in Europe. A further 2.6million tourists arrived via boat in the same year, making the Port of Barcelona Europe’s most industrious port and fourth busiest port in the world.

When it comes to quality of life, the report also demonstrated that the Catalonian capital took fifth place beating the likes of London and Amsterdam.

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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