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Top Public Universities in Barcelona

Written by Damien

Choosing a university that could present an opportunity for a great education as well is experiencing one of the top cultures in the world is easily found in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe as it is known for its cultural significance and historical edifices, great beaches and tropical environment and unique cuisine. Not only a great environment to learn in, but the public universities of Barcelona are some of the top rated in the world as well. To top it off living costs in Barcelona are lower than in other major European cities and apartments for rent in Barcelona are more affordable.

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Living in Barcelona

Living in a major city is usually a great opportunity for students to take advantage not only of a great education but the urban amenities often offer many opportunities than in an outlying educational institutes. By being able to take advantage of plentiful housing, public transit, and the many cultural and educational institutes in Barcelona students can achieve a fully immersive learning environment. Renting a flat in Barcelona is also much easier and more affordable than in other major cities around the globe such as Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

One of the newest universities in Barcelona, UPF, was founded in 1990 with over 10,000 students attending various academic programs including life sciences, law, language and arts. UPF is also the most modern academic Institute in Spain. Located in the heart of the city many of the school’s classrooms are renovated historical buildings spread throughout a couple of downtown districts. Besides being modern in technology, the school also espouses a philosophy of introducing new teaching methodologies to be on the cutting edge of learning science.

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

As a second largest public university in Barcelona, UAB has over 50,000 students enrolled annually. Its main campus located in Bella Terra, on the outskirts of Barcelona at the base of the mountains is where most students attend their classes with an amazing backdrop. However, UAB’s study abroad programs take place on two different campuses in downtown Barcelona. International studies, business and culture programs are available to international students.

Universitat de Barcelona

Founded in 1450, UB, is the oldest and largest public university in Barcelona sporting over 1300 international students from abroad. The faculty of UB numbers over 3000 making it the largest university in Catalonia. The library of UB is unprecedented in Spain and has the largest collection of more than 2 million books, 38,000 journals and approximately 6000 reading sites. Courses are also offered in French, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo – Barcelona

Initially founded by Spain’s Ministry of education in 1932 under the name, Universidad de Satander, it acquired its current name in 1945. Its main campus is still held in the city of its original name yet it is Barcelona campuses promote international study for students looking to learn the Spanish language and culture, which are an essential part of the university’s programs.

If you are looking for a public university with the ability to immerse yourself into one of the top cultures of the world, the universities of Barcelona provide a unique opportunity at a top-notch education level that is generally more affordable than other top educational destinations around the world. Renting an apartment in Barcelona will not cost you more than your tuition as it does in some other places such as London.

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