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Crowdfunding in Spain

Written by Paula


crowdfundingCrowdcube is an online platform of crowdequity (investment crowdfunding) for growing companies. Anyone can join and support a company by making an investment. Crowdcube has already financed 350 companies that, combined, have received a total amount of 189.582.359€, invested by over 200.000 people. At Crowdcube, visitors will find a variety of investment opportunities, in businesses like Geo.Band, a company that produces a localization device for elderly people, children and pets; Helt, a tool to aid the selection and recruit process; and Hevman, a company that produces drones.


Lanzanos is a crowdfunding platform where anyone can post a project they would like to receive economic contributions for. Those who invest in a project usually receive a small reward for their help. It can be anything from receiving a copy of the product the company products, signed goods, merchandising or invitations for product launching events.

Some of the projects currently looking for funding at Lanzanos are to help La Inégalité release their first album, improving the conditions of a school in Cambodia, the development of an app that will allow people to donate items they no longer want, and a book by Pablo Vergara Vila.

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Apontoque is a platform where sports-related projects can seek investors. At Apontoque you can find a variety of investment opportunities like funding a rugby team, purchasing swords for a fencing team, helping improve the training installations’ conditions, and supporting the creation of competitive events.


If you would like to become a party of the movie business or have an audiovisual project of your own, Kifund is the crowdfunding platform for you. Investors can find projects like feature films and shorts.


Projeggt allows visitors to invest in a variety of areas like culture, fashion, environment, health, music and technologies. At Projeggt you can help finance art festivals, new fashion brands, plays, books, restaurants, apps, and more.

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Get your cause

crowdfundingGet your cause is a crowdfunding platform for a variety of causes. Both individuals and NGO’s can ask for donations for situations like operations for animals, adults and children, the publishing of a book, help for young people trying to finish their studies, materials for schools in impoverished areas.

Mi grano de arena 

At anyone can post a goal that people can contribute to. Small NGOs can also apply for funding online by using Mi grano de arena. By sharing their objectives with the public, people can help with small or large donations.

Some of the projects currently looking for contributions at involve running to help to provide education for children in Senegal,  donations for the treatment of children with cancer, and donations for the creation of an animal shelter.

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