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Barcelona 3rd Most Popular City For Business Meetings

Barcelona Business
Written by Allison

When it comes to cities that are popular for business meetings to take place, Barcelona is proving extremely popular these days. In fact, it is now proving to be the third most popular city for such meetings to take place.

Throughout this year a number of business events in Barcelona have taken place. In fact back in 2012 over 7.4 million people chose to visit the city and of this 41 % were there on business. To further help with the organisation of any meetings in the city it has now become the permanent home of EIBTM, which is an international event for the meetings industry. Throughout 2012 a total of 2,176 business events took place organised by EIBTM and of which 1,493 were international and the other 655 were domestic Spanish meetings. The thing is that most of these visitors to the city then choose to extend their time in the city or return for a personal visit as well.

So what is there you should know if you are thinking of planning any kind of business events in Barcelona in the future?

The first thing you should know is that there are 380 hotels located in the city so finding accommodation for those you invite to your meetings shouldn’t prove difficult. Of these hotels, 27 have a five-star rating and 159 have a four-star rating and most of these hotels can provide you with good corporate hospitality in Spain.

However along with hotels providing suitable accommodation in which to hold meetings there are plenty of other locations throughout the city worth considering using and which helps to make business life in Barcelona a lot easier.

The places that can provide you with the perfect facilities for your business events and provide an incentive travel in Barcelona include the following:

1. Fira Barcelona

This particular company actually has two locations where business events can take place the first is located in Montjuic and comprises a total of 8 halls which cover a total of 1.24 million square feet. The other is located on Gran Via and is made up of 6 pavilions which cover a total of 1.93 million square feet.

free wi-fi in Barcelona2. Convention Centre International Barcelona

These particular premises is actually made up of 2 buildings that are linked together and has the capacity to hold up to 16,000 people at any one time. Certainly, this is a building that is favoured by much larger companies and corporations who have chosen to hold their meetings here.

3. Palau de Congressos de Catalunya

Along with having 32 meeting rooms which are located on 3 different levels at this particular location, there is an auditorium that is able to comfortably seat over 2,000 visitors as well as an exhibition room that covers a total 22,066 square feet.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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