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Written by Adriana

Today there is constant talk going on about entrepreneurs and the ability to create a new company that results in a successful business. But little is said about who are those brave who dare to start a project with no guarantee that this ever become a way to financially sustain themselves. Within these men and women entrepreneurs, women, for their “job” as mothers often must choose between one thing or another before starting a project that requires a lot of time and dedication. As additional support for these hard-working women ODAME Association was created more than 20 years ago as a “the result of the enthusiasm of a group of women entrepreneurs who come from different professional and business sectors and also students Odame within BCN Activa“. These women realized of the importance of collaboration between them and the need to stay in touch to give themselves advice and to accompany through this process and exchange information. All these women were aware of the specific difficulties women experience to create and maintain a business, so they decided to join in order to promote the presence of women in the business world of the city.

This partnership integrates a School of Women Entrepreneurs, a program with a very innovative approach with highly qualified teachers in constant evaluation, and facilities equipped with the latest technology in which students receive personalized advice throughout training. In this program, each participant brings her personal project and is advised to carry it out, obtaining an initial business network (with the rest of the students) in the process so they can get business opportunities and promote synergies. ODAME school is subsidized by the Catalan Employment Service, for the Innovative Projects program and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

In the Association there are various action programs for women who want to apply for them: counseling, mentoring, discounts, groups of excellence, mother entrepreneurs, etc. Within Barcelona Activa there is the program ODAME which 48% of the women who have participated have come out with their own company. For more information you can write to this e-mail:

About the author


Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.


  • Joining a group of people sharing the same interest is important. This will help you to get new ideas from the experts and even find a business partner. Great teamwork leads to success.

  • A great support system is important for every entrepreneur.This can help them to pursue the things that they want in life. Your team can also a big help when it comes to develo[ping strategies on how to improve one’s business.

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