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Tips for avoiding a home robbery

Written by Laura

Our home is a place where we feel safe, where we escape from the outside world to relax and let our guard down. So, when someone enters our house and steals our belongings, it causes an invasion of our intimacy and privacy that leaves us feeling defenseless and vulnerable. We often think that we could have prevented being robbed, but it’s difficult to prevent these things, keeping in mind that many thieves perfect their technique little by little to rob from places. With this, we have a series of recommendations to try to dissuade intruders from entering your home, and today in this article from ShBarcelona, we are going to discuss them. Pay attention!

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Advice for dissuading robbers

When you’re out…

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It’s important to be prudent and avoid opening up to unknown people that don’t identify themselves. If you live in a community of neighbors and someone ask to come in, don’t open up to anybody you don’t know. If someone knocks at your door, ask those that say they belong to a utility company to identify themselves (gas, electricity, internet) and avoid letting them in if they have not previously informed you of their visit. This also happens with drivers, although it’s true that many companies use individuals as transport employees and don’t usually wear a uniform with their company credentials (Amazon is one example). If you are not expecting something from said companies, or don’t have a scheduled return, avoid opening the door. Change the locks if you live in a previously owned home, if you have been robbed before or if you have lost a set of keys to your house. If you’re doing construction on your house and entrance into your home from the outside is made easier as a result, close the doors and windows even when you’re at home. Try to hide valuable items from sight. If you detect the presence of an intruder inside your home, the best thing to do is make noise to scare them, avoid confronting them directly, and obviously call the police. Lastly, it’s always advised to lock the door even when inside the house.

When you’re home…

Photo via Pixabay

The most important thing when we leave the house for vacation or are gone for a few days is not to give the impression that no one is home. With some exceptions, thieves generally take advantage of your absence to rob your home, since it is safer and easier to get away. For this reason, if the house is closed with the shades drawn and with the appearance of being uninhabited, you are sending signals to the thief that they will not meet resistance. Therefore, experts recommend not lowering all the shades, leaving a light on, redirecting calls to your cell phone from your landline so callers don’t realize no one is home, installing an alarm or giving the impression of having one by putting up alarm system stickers, not announcing your time away over social media and asking a neighbor to collect your mail so it doesn’t pile up in your mailbox.

Have you suffered a robbery? What advice do you have for preventing one?

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