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Setting up a home security system

Written by Laura

Summer is a time when thieves carry out their business, and never better said. The end of vacations and the absence of neighbors who could alert you if something goes wrong make the ideal conditions for robbers to enter your home and steal your belongings, causing harm to your home as well as your sense of serenity. Having your home robbed is not limited to just valuable belongings, but also represents a break in our freely intimate space that we see as safe and personal, and puts our security at risk. Sometimes, the psychological consequences that come with having your house robbed, although not present at the time of the break-in, can be worse than the things that were actually taken: anxiety, fear that it will happen again, insomnia… Today at ShBarcelona we talk about installing security alarms in your home, an effective way to protect yourself and your home.  

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Protecting against the unknown

Photo via Pixabay

There are various reasons you may decide to install a security system in your home, but without a doubt, the main reason is protection. It makes sense for people with more valuable belongings in their home to install an alarm system to protect them, and important or influential people may have security systems for their belongings as well as for their personal safety. However, while it’s true that someone with lots of belongings may seem like the perfect target for a robbery, most people have attractive things that can be sold on the black market, and without a security system, a house becomes much easier to rob. There are a variety of ways to protect your house from intruders; the most common are alarm systems from companies like Securitas Direct or Prosegur, for example. These companies install different alarm systems with various strengths of detection systems, depending on the price. These systems connect to a main headquarters and to the police, so in case the intrusion alarm goes off, the headquarters notify the homeowner, and if they do not respond or are not at home, the police come to complete an inspection or, if necessary, enter the home. This service generally has a monthly cost.

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Photo via Pixabay

There are, in turn, other detection systems that do not incur a monthly cost, although they are also not connected to the police. These are independent systems that alert the homeowner when the alarm is set off. They can be easily self-installed and are generally cheaper. They can be purchased at larger department stores, and there are infinite models and types of detection systems, from devices that alert the owner and emit a loud sound when set off to complete security systems with night vision cameras that connect to your phone. The effectiveness and complexity will depend completely on the price and the needs of each person.

Do you have a home security system? Is there one you recommend?

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