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The best self-tanners on the market

Written by Laura

Although the sunshine is the protagonist of the summer months in Barcelona, it’s also something that you need to protect yourself from. Being in the sun is beneficial and indispensable when it comes to your health, but sun exposure in moderation is fundamental to avoiding the negative effects the sun can cause for our skin, such as premature aging, allergies or cancer. Getting a good tan can be complicated for people who are sensitive to the sun with very light skin or a history of skin cancer. These people need more time than others to get tan, since they cannot be in the sun too much each day and must always do so with protection like sunscreen. It is also common for many people to spend their summer days at the beach, looking to burn the white from their skin for that good tan they can show of in a bikini or swimsuit.

For these people, there is a product that artificially tans your skin. Since the first self-tanners came out on the market, the formula has improved greatly, and the result can be great if you do it right. Today at ShBarcelona, we tell you the best self-tanners on the market, so you can get a shining tan in a way that is totally healthy.

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Advice for using self-tanner

Photo via Pixabay

Self-tanner is a cosmetic product made from sugarcane that, once applied to the skin, generates a chemical reaction that oxidizes the superficial skin cells, those of which will be gone in two to three days due to desquamation, or flaking. In this way, rather than a melanin-forming process, self-tanner is a type of makeup that tints the superficial layers of skin thanks to the chemical process. It is completely safe for everyone, but we should remember that, unless it is explicitly stated on the product, self-tanner is not a form of sun protection. You should protect your skin with sunscreen before leaving the house and reapply it frequently.

The purpose of self-tanner is purely aesthetic, and there are ways to ensure optimal use. For example, exfoliating your skin before application, using the product on clean and dry skin, and shaving before, not after, application. Try to avoid using other creams when applying the self-tanner and be careful with elbows, ankles and knees since they are areas where the self-tanner will appear more intensely. Also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application. These are just some pieces of advice for achieving a beautiful, shining color with self-tanner.

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The best self-tanners

Photo via Pixabay

There are an infinite number of self-tanners on the market, some for economic prices and others that are more costly. Sometimes the most expensive options are not always the best, since you are often paying more for the brand than for quality results. One of the most well-known brands with some of the better results are self-tanners from St. Tropez. This brand offers self-tanner in multiple textures; cream, oil or mousse, some of which offer instant results and others which are more progressive. Their prices are also fairly reasonable. Another brand that is slightly more expensive but that specializes in cosmetic self-tanners is Vita Liberata, and is said to be the go-to for celebrities. Its wide range of self-tanners offers solutions for all skin types. Along with the textures previously mentioned, Vita Liberata has flattering tanning powders as well. Lastly, we present you with Roc Minesol espuma autobronceadora, a well-priced pharmacy lotion with excellent results. It takes maximum effect in two to three hours and is easy to apply.

What self-tanner do you use?

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