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Where to Get a Piercing or Tattoo in Barcelona

arm with tattoo near water
Written by Adriana

Walking through the streets of Barcelona, you can get an idea of what the people will be wearing next season in the whole country in terms of clothing, accessories, and hairstyle. 

Barcelona is trendsetter even in the world of tattooing and piercing, and it has become a hub and a reference for these body art professionals.

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If you are spending a season or a few weeks in this Catalan city, staying in one of our rental apartments, and are looking for information about the best places to get a tattoo or piercing, ShBarcelona has made a list of tattoo and piercing studios in Barcelona.

Getting a tattoo and/or piercing in Barcelona 


L’Embruix is probably the most centrally located and crowded place when it comes to piercings and tattoos shops in Barcelona. They offer affordable rates, professional service, and hygiene.

man with piercing in nose

Photo via Visualhunt

The professionals working at L’Embruix have over 15 years of experience, which means you can rest assured the service they offer is of the highest quality. They even offer tattooing classes, for those who want to become professional tattooers themselves.

L’Embruix is a very popular tattoo and piercing studio so if you go there without an appointment you may have to wait a long time in line before they call you in. 

Location: Carrer de la Boqueria, 18 in the neighborhood of El Born

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In this tattoo studio, you will find some of the most famous ink artists of all styles. They have an enviable portfolio that contains work by all of the 17 members of their tattooing team and 3 members of their piercing team.

They have recently announced on their page that they will be adding microblading to their list of services. Microblading is an innovative technique in which blades composed of several small needles deposit pigment under the skin.

man with beard glasses and tattoos

Photo via Pixabay

Microblading is very popular among those who want to reshape and add fullness to their eyebrows. You can make an appointment at LTW through the form on their website and choose the tattoo or piercing artists you want to have work on you. 

Location: Carrer Tallers, 29, in between El Eixample and El Born

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Dolar Tattoo

Dolar Tattoo is located next to L’Embruix, which sparks a healthy dose of competition between the two studios.  They are known for their wonderful artwork, professionality, and personalized treatment.

Due to its location and years of experience of the team, Dolar Tattoo is one of the best tattoo and piercing studios in Barcelona, if you are thinking about getting one or the other. 

Location: Carrer de la Boqueria, 11

Pro-Arts Tattoo Shop

Pro-Arts Tattoo Shop is not only a tattoo studio, it also sells all the gear necessary for those who work in the business. 

man with eagle and eye tattooed on arm

Photo via Pixabay

They have been in the business of tattoos and piercings in Barcelona for over 20 years, operating with a team of resident artists and invited artists that come to perform work for them from time to time.

They also offer courses for tattoo artists: one is an initiation course and the other is a technique perfecting course. The crew at Pro-Arts Tattoo Shop is professional and effective, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Location: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 23

Addicted Tattoo

In this studio, they not only do tattoos and piercings but also extreme body modifications such as scarification, implants, thermal punch, or surgery to close dilations holes, for example. 

lady with piercing in belly button

Photo via Pixabay

Their team is composed of four tattooers and one piercer, all of whom have years of experience in the business.

Addicted Tattoo is the place to go if you are a vegan since they offer vegan tattoos on demand, which don’t have any animal products in them, like glycerin or bone charcoal.

Location: Calle Codols, 18, in the district of Ciutat Vella 

Things to consider before getting a tattoo

Choosing the design

Getting the first image that crosses your mind as a tattoo is a bad idea. Bear in mind that a tattoo is something you will have to have on your skin for the rest of your life.

tattoo designs on table

Photo via Pixabay

If you have to ask a friend or professional to create the design for you, or if you have to spend a lot of time thinking about it and ask a lot of opinions, it will be worth it just so you can make sure that you are choosing something that will truly make you happy in the long run.

If you get a word tattooed on yourself, make sure the word is readable, and that it is a word or phrase you will still identify with a couple of years from now.

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Choose the part of your body

Where are you going to get the tattoo or piercing on your body? One thing to take into consideration is if your tattoo or piercing should be located in a place where it can be seen on a daily basis or if it should be located in a more discrete section of your body.

tattoo on upper body and neck

Photo via Visualhunt

Some employers will not look kindly on visible tattoos and piercings and the fact that you may one day change your mind about having them in the first place should be a decisive factor.

You should also consider the place where you are getting the tattoo in terms of the pain it will cause you. Spots in the body with less fat and closer to the bone are notorious for causing excruciating pain when being tattooed.

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Find a good tattoo artist 

A tattoo is something that will stay with you forever, so make sure you will be satisfied with the final result by thoroughly studying the offer of tattoo studios and tattoo artists out there.

There are plenty to choose from and artists that specialize in different kinds of tattoos. Above all, don’t try to save money when getting a tattoo, make sure you choose the very best artist out there.

tattoo artist at work

Photo via Pixabay

Think carefully before getting your tattoo in Barcelona

There is no rush or obligation. You have all the time in the world to think about this decision, pondering not only your current way of life but also thinking about the future.

What kind of career are you going to choose? Is it compatible with having tattoos?
Do you plan to get married, become a parent?

Try to envision your future and see if your tattoo would fit well on that set.

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