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Eyebrow Microblading in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Beauty experts and magazines say it over and over again: eyebrows are one of the most essential features of the face. Many women, and some men, perform eyebrow care in some manner or another, although in the past eyebrow trends, such as the pencil-thin eyebrows of the 90s, have discouraged heavier eyebrows and turned the eyebrow beauty world into one of hairlessness. Lately, however, the passing time and changing trends have brought thick, full eyebrows back to the forefront of beauty, encouraging a more natural look for many people with naturally thicker, darker hair and goals of fuller brows for those with thinner, lighter hairs. Those who fall into this latter category, read on – in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be discussing the technique of eyebrow microblading

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Achieve fuller eyebrows that last longer

Photo via VisualHunt

Microblading is a cosmetic technique that simulates, through a micro-tattooing tool, thicker and fuller eyebrows. These aesthetic technique is popular among celebrities, actresses and models, both male and female, as well as those undergoing illnesses or treatments that can cause hair loss. There is a similar technique, called micropigmentation, that gives slightly longer-lasting results than micro tattooing but is more painful and requires more preparation. Microblading lasts one to two and a half years, depending on the level of oiliness and dryness of the skin. The oiler your skin, the fast the microblading will fade, as it wears away at the pigmentation gradually. The process of the technique is as follows: first, the new eyebrow shape and form is designed to best fit the face and eyes of the client, taking into account their aesthetic tastes and the natural shape of their eyebrows. After that, anesthesia is applied to the area in order to eliminate any pain during the procedure, with special creams that limit discomfort for even the most sensitive skin. Then the microblading begins!

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Photo via VisualHunt

In Barcelona there are many beauty salons that offer these type of high-demand cosmetic treatments. Among these are Micropigmentación y Microblading Barcelona, an aesthetic beauty center where you can also get tip and eye tattoos. You can find it at calle Diputación 443, next to the Monumental stop for the L2 metro and contact them via telephone at  645731030. Another option is Microblading Darina, located at Rambla Cataluña 66 2º A. Here, along with microblading, they offer services in tattoo removal, laser hair removal and activated carbon peeling. Their number is 931534941. Lastly, at Avenida Diagonal 505 you can find Lashbrownbcn. This salon offers microblading and micropigmentation for eyebrows and lips, permanent eyelash extensions and eyebrow design.

*Main photo by Tobias Mayr via VisualHunt

Have you ever gotten microblading or micropigmentation? Do you recommend any of these techniques?

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