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Las Ramblas Apartments – The Perfect Location To Explore Barcelona?

Written by Damien

Since hosting the Olympic Games in 1992, Barcelona has become extremely popular with visitors from around the world.   In fact an estimated 14 million people choose to spend a few days or weeks exploring everything that this amazing city has to offer.

Therefore if you are looking for somewhere to stay then I would suggest you make contact with a company like ShBarcelona.  When you visit there website you will notice that they have a large range of apartments to rent in Barcelona on both a long or short term basis.

rental apartments in Barcelona

However one area of the city that I would suggest you look closely at when wanting to rent a flat in Barcelona is the area known as Las Ramblas.   By staying in an apartment here you have easy access to everything that this city has to offer.

The great thing is that most of the apartments available to rent in this part of the city aren’t actually located on Las Ramblas itself.  But instead are situated very close to it, so it means you are away from the hustle and bustle and the noise.   If you can try and find an apartment available to rent in what is known as the old town and which surrounds Las Ramblas.

Unlike some other parts of this city the architecture here is predominantly medieval.  So you will it a very atmospheric place to stay.  Plus it is also a very wonderful place to spend time exploring before heading off to see some of the well-known attractions that tourists like to visit.  In fact staying in the Barcelona apartments here gives you a real sense of what the city is truly like.

During your stay in Barcelona you don’t need to eat out every night.  Why not visit some of the local markets including La Boqueria.  This is the city’s most famous food market and you can purchase some local delicacies if you want to create some truly amazing and authentic meals that are common in this part of Spain.

Plus of course the money you have saved by preparing your own meals rather than eating out every night can be used for other things.  For example why not spend the money on enjoying watching FC Barcelona play.  If you can arrange to watch them when playing their biggest rivals at home Real Madrid.

I myself choose to stay in apartments in this part of the city because as well as providing me with additional space, they also offer me a great deal more privacy.  Plus of course the great thing about staying in an apartment is that they cost considerably less than a hotel would.  Especially if like me you intend to stay in the city for more than 2 weeks.

In fact a stay of 2 weeks simply may not be enough to be able to truly experience everything that Barcelona has to offer.  I myself have chosen to come back to this city numerous times since my first visit.

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