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Fashion in Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is considered to be an important city in regards to many avenues of culture. Art, architecture, music and cuisine are associated with the city, but over the past few decades fashion has begun to come to the forefront. Inhabitants of Barcelona effortlessly combine the Catalan modesty with forward thinking designs to create a unique and instantly recognisable style of dress that has become popular in not just other Spanish cities but also other cities in Europe. This article will discuss the nature of fashion in Barcelona, and what types of clothes are worn during the different seasons. This article will also touch on how to successful find an appropriate apartment for the duration of your stay in the city.

Catalan Style

When it comes to dress, Catalan style can be described as modest and the majority of Catalans dress slightly conservative. This is not to say that their outfits are rigid and uninspired, if anything it’s the opposite. The conservative element allows the wearer to focus on the fit, colours and design of the garment rather than what it does or does not show. Most Catalans are primarily concerned with fit and comfort rather the designer name on the label, and clothing is less casual in Barcelona than it is in other cities in Spain. The type of fabric used to manufacture the clothes is considered to be quite important, and light and breathable materials are favoured over heavier fabrics. Although religion is not as important to the younger generations, readers are advised to dress appropriate if visiting churches or attending mass celebrations. Men visiting the Barcelona Cathedral should remember to wear long trousers rather than shorts or jeans, and women should wear a full top or shawl to fully cover their shoulders. Readers should check out this article for further information regarding clothes in Barcelona. Those looking for places to shop can visit this guide.

Seasonal Clothing

Barcelona is hot during the summer months, and warm during autumn and winter, hence the preference for light and breathable fabrics. During the summer residents of Barcelona choose lighter colours to help keep them cool whilst the winter months they opt for more autumnal colours like rust and brown. Catalans prefer muted and subtle colours in their clothes, and will avoid garish, bright colours. If you’re planning on wearing jeans during the summer make sure to buy a pair in the city, as the cotton content percentage is much lower than that in jeans from other countries. If you’re living in Barcelona during the spring months make sure you have a decent jacket as it rains from time to time.

Apartments to Rent

apartmentThere are a range of agencies and letting agents operating in Barcelona, offering various properties to rent for different periods of time. One of the top rated renting companies are ShBarcelona, who have been leaders of one-month rentals for the past few years. In addition to monthly rentals, ShBarcelona have a multitude of properties available to rent for single days, weeks, and a year if needs be. The company are perfect for Barcelona vacation rentals. Readers wishing to stay in Barcelona on a more permanent basis can also browse through the various properties the company have for sale.

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