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3 apps to help you share expenses in your flat

Written by Jorgen Sikk

Have you ever rented an apartment with friends and experienced the frustration of having to figure out who pays for what, who has already paid, who had to do the dishes today and who forgot to water the plants? Most of us have, which is why some apps started popping up online to offer a solution to these problems.

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Splitwise was born out of necessity, as many great inventions do. It tracks the payments and sends reminders when any payment is due, or when it is past and you still haven’t paid. Each e-mail you receive with a reminder has different message, depending on how late you are on your payment, starting with “Did you forget?”, going all the way to “You are leaving your roommates in a lurch!” This way everyone involved can stay on top of things and avoid some conflicts that often arise when sharing the living costs. It is basically an excel table with an easy to use interface and well-made design, which makes incorporating it into your everyday life seamless.

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Our Home

A modern family is a sophisticated system of management, planning, caring, loving, teaching and preaching. That means that there is a high chance of things going very wrong, especially when the responsibility for the well-being of the family is not distributed well. And that is where Our Home comes into play. It’s an app that lets you distribute tasks, earn rewards, help out with the daily chores and even plan the next family vacation. It gives the kids incentive to be responsible and help out but also enables them to learn and understand what it means to be included in the everyday life of a family. Just pop in the chore or a task you want to be done, give it a value and establish rewards and you will find that you are not alone in this after all.

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Conmigo allows you to split the bills, pay the rent and distribute other payments among people. It is a handy app that can save you time and money and also free up space in your brain since it registers who owes how much. First, you create a group with your friends and then distribute the cost, or, in the case of rent, it shows a date when someone owes you money. If someone other than you takes care of the monthly payments, you will receive a notice when it is the day for you to give them your share. It also has a history feature, showing you all the previous debts and payments.

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