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What souvenir can I buy in Barcelona?

Written by Adriana

When you visit or live for a while in a place that is not your hometown, you tend to find exotic and fascinating everything around you, you are more perceptive to any stimulus that can receive. That’s why we look at objects or in the gastronomy of the place that we can take back as a souvenir or gift for our beloved ones once we come back. That’s why we like to bring with us some part that has attracted our attention to our place of origin and show that, in our time abroad, we remembered our friends and family. But how do you know if you have chosen well this souvenir? It is best to focus on what you like the most or on something that got your attention more than usual and that you can carry in your luggage, of course. From ShBarcelona, here are some ideas so you buy something representative of Barcelona (and not a Mexican hat or a “sevillana”), if you’re out of ideas.

A Barça T-shirt: You can buy the original shirt in Barça stores in Plaza Catalunya or in the stadium of this famous and renowned football team, but perhaps its price above 60 euros scares you a little. You can also opt for imitation T-shirts at the stores of the Ramblas.

super_23-16Some ham: depends on where you go traveling with this gastronomic souvenir and restrictions of the destination airport you can buy some ham in the street and put it in your suitcase. You can also purchase this delicious product in the airport’s “duty free” making sure that it has the European sanitary labels so you don’t have any troubles checking in.

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porron1A “porró”: this vessel is very traditional and is used to drink wine holding it at some distance to your mouth and pointing at the right direction. The technique is somewhat difficult for those who never didi it but surely you will hit it with some practice. There are different sizes and different materials and designs, the typical is made of glass and quite fragile, so be careful if you put it in your suitcase.

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-01 a la(s) 17.17.10A magnet of the Sagrada Familia: we can’t forget the most famous monument in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, which you can find in the souvenir shops of any kinds and sizes. If you want to bring gifts for several people, buying magnets of this cathedral still unfinished, is a good option. Look for the nicest magnets…

f574eb8ca77aA bottle of wine or cava: in Catalonia, as in the rest of Spain, there are fine wines emerging from the best vineyards in the country, as wines from the Penedès area. A typical wine is always a good gift for those who can appreciate it. You can also choose to buy a bottle of cava, very similar to the champagne also taken to celebrate, and to enjoy some good food.

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