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Coaching sessions in English in Barcelona

Written by Vicky York

Coaching differs from therapy as it focuses on what goals you want to achieve and how to attain them through developing habits and skills. The sessions focus on your current and future aims in life, rather than your past.

Photo via Pexels

Coaching can be used both for your personal life and professional career to help give you guidance and motivation. It can help you attain goals such as a certain career path or in more personal areas such as relationships. Whatever your goal is, there are many different coaching options available in Barcelona. Here are some suggestions for coaches that offer sessions in English.

Coach Me Barcelona

Coach Me Barcelona offers business training, mentoring, life and career coaching sessions. They have a unique approach that they call the Discuss, Disrupt, Decide, Do approach. It aims to challenge your behaviors and how you think in order to assess what you are like today. Coach Me Barcelona also helps with certain phobias such as fear of flying.

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Blueprint Coaching

Blueprint Coaching offers individual coaching sessions each being 45 minutes in length. They are designed to be completely customized to your aims and goals in life in order to help you achieve them. Sessions can be in person, by phone or via Skype.

Blue Print Coaching also offers relocation coaching for those who have just moved to Barcelona or are planning on moving to Barcelona and are looking for peace of mind in terms of the logistics of living in the city. These sessions not only help with the practical side of things but also with emotional aspects, helping you to cope with the cultural change.

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Goldie Uttamchandani

Photo via Pixabay

Goldie Uttamchandani is a popular coach in Barcelona who helps a variety of different clients in areas including relationships, career, health and finance. She focuses on making her coaching sessions highly personal to the client’s needs with regular assignments to push them towards their goals. Goldie offers coaching sessions in both English and Spanish.

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Vicky York

Vicky is a UK copywriter and translator based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, festival follower and music lover.

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