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Let’s talk about mental health care with Obertament

Written by Christine

Mental health can be a sensitive subject for some, especially for those who are trying to work their way through some issues or are going through a difficult time. Even though we are living in the 21st century, talking about mental illness and mental health can still be a bit of a taboo or even sometimes shameful. Obertament is a foundation in Barcelona that is dedicated to breaking the stigma associated with mental illness and helping people to live their best life.

About Obertament

Photo by WordShore via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by WordShore via Visualhunt

Obertament was created in 2010 by social workers and mental health experts from all across Catalonia who have the same goals and visions when it comes to treating mental health. In today’s society, people who suffer from mental health issues still have difficulty opening up about it due to the prejudice and that still exist to this day. The founders of Obertament came together with the common mission to help fight against these preconceived notions about mental health and therapy and help people to open up the dialogue on these issues. By making these topics less shameful and more commonplace, we can let more healing and happiness into our lives.

Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 28

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Raising awareness

The biggest goal Obertament has is to raise awareness about mental health and to remove the stigma attached to it. There are several ways that Obertament raises awareness about this issue, such as the “Dóna la Cara” campaign. This campaign earns its name by defending mental health and encouraging people to share their stories. When you log onto the campaign’s website you can leave your own message about why or how you defend and stand up for mental health, making your voice heard and the message a little bit stronger, one story and one supporter at a time. You can also sign up for the website’s newsletter to receive the latest information about the campaign and read the latest messages. The campaign is always looking for volunteers or donations, so if you would like to make a contribution, know that you’re helping a great cause.

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How Obertament can help

Photo by Mycatkins via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Photo by Mycatkins via Visualhunt

Obertament is a collaborative project between many mental health care professionals across Catalonia, and works in part with Salut Mental Catalunya so that clients can receive the highest quality health care available. Obertament can help connect you to a mental health care professional near you that can help you get started on your path to wellness. There is also an emergency help line in place for those in crisis or for seeking immediate advice. Equally important, Obertament offers help and resources to family members and friends of those suffering from mental illness. Mental illness many times doesn’t just effect and individual but also touches those around them. Let Obertamnet help you to take your first steps towards feeling your best!

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