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Finding The Perfect Student Apartment In Barcelona

Written by Damien

Not only can finding the right apartments for rent in Barcelona as a student prove challenging, but can take up a great deal of your time as well.   Yet if you use the method below then you may find the whole experience of finding your perfect student pad in Barcelona a lot more enjoyable.

When it comes to finding suitable Barcelona apartments you can move into as student there are certain key elements to keep in mind as you do.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is think about exactly what your requirements are.  It is best to start off with how much you can afford to spend on any long term rentals Barcelona.   By knowing how much you can spend each month on your apartment will stop you from looking at those properties that are out of your price range.

Of course it isn’t all down to the price, when it comes to renting an apartment whilst studying at University in Barcelona, you need to consider whether you want to rent on your own or have someone share the cost.  Therefore you need to decide on how many bedrooms the apartment has.   By choosing to rent with somebody else helps to not only keep your rental costs down but any other costs you may incur such as for utilities in it.

As well as the size of the apartment another thing you need to think about is location.  Most students prefer to be close to the university where they are studying.  However often in such situations as this the prices charged to rent such properties tend to be higher.

If you can consider looking at apartments that may be a short metro or bus journey from where you are going to university. I suggest you look further afield because the public transport system in this city is very good and the cost of traveling on them is very affordable.

Whenever possible it is best if you arrange to rent your apartment through an agent rather than directly from the owners.  Although the owner may charge less you may not get the same level of service that an agent offers.  For example if anything should go wrong in the apartment the owner may leave it up to you to get the issue fixed.  However an experienced rental agent will have contractors they can arrange to fix the problems for you.

Another thing of course to look at before entering into any agreement is to arrange to view the apartment for rent in Barcelona first.  This will then offer you the opportunity to see not only if the apartment meets your requirements, but also is in a part of the city that you will enjoy living in.   Plus you can also check to see just how long the journey would take from your apartment to the university where you are studying.

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