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Anima Naturalis

Written by Paula

Anima Naturalis is a non-profit non-governmental organization whose main objective is protecting animals in Spain and Latin America.

It is an unfortunate reality that many animals still suffer at the hands of humans in our day and age. Organizations like Anima Naturalis play a crucial part in the fight for the well-being of all creatures, heroically stepping between the animals and those who harm them.

Anima NaturalisTheir main areas of action focus on how animals are being used in the food industry, in shows, laboratories and in the fashion industry, without overlooking the way treat animals they keep as pets.

Anima Naturalis defends the principles of non-violence, dialogue, coherence, incident and animal rights, because every animal has the legitimate right to not be tortured, imprisoned or kept as property.

Anima Naturalis works hard to establish, promote and protect animal rights all over the country and also in Latin America. The way they do that is by doing rigorous research about the topics and situations that concern them. The next step is to communicate with the public, making them aware of the current situation in the animal right’s world.

But Anima Naturalis doesn’t stop there. It would not be enough to simply show people what is wrong. Anima Naturalis also offers solutions, options, ideas that are viable ways to reduce or end animal suffering. That way, Anima Naturalis hopes to impact society and politics so that political and legal changes happen.

Anima Naturalis has performed a series of campaigns to make the public aware of the cruel ways humans treat animals, like their campaign against bull fighting, the use of leather and fur, the use of animals in circuses, seal clubbing, the selling of animals, and animal testing.

If you identify with the values and principles of Anima Naturalis, you can help them by making a donation.

You can also become a member of Anima Naturalis and making monthly donations, or even choose to donate only 1€ a month.

Other ways of helping include joining Animal Naturalis as a volunteer, and purchasing items from Anima Naturalisonline store, like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, books, aprons, pins and more.

Anima NaturalisIf you would also like to help the animals by changing your diet, take a look at Hazte Vegetariano, a website created by Anima Naturalis to help those who want to make the transition.  There you can find recipes, learn about nutrition, vegetarian restaurants and overall understand the importance of becoming a vegetarian.

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