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Out of the box

Stationary Designs in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Stationary items are for many old products, reminiscent of those times that we remember how young we were when we went to school. Who does not remember the stuff that we had every start of the new year when our parents, spent a lot of money to supply us with full of stationery for the school and that we carried it around with our peers? They are retro and remind us that things in the past were cool. In ShBarcelona we want to show you the stationery designs that can be bought in Barcelona.

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Photo via Pixabay

Stationery, as in life, separates us, boys and girls. The pink was for the girls, and if it came decorated with Barbie, then you were the queen of the class. For the boys, it was always blue. Now things are different, children go to school with the tablet or laptop and it seems that they are not so interested in notebooks. But if you take a look at this online stationery site, you may change your mind. Customers, namely adults, who like these stationery objects will buy into them. In addition, Imborrable also thinks of left-handed writers and has created a collection of products intended for them.

Pepa Paper

Photo via Pixabay

The stationery also understood social classes. The posh ones were made with rigid cases, with several compartments, with the complete collection of 3000 Alpine colors, in which there were subtle differences of tonalities, or with the brand backpack that turned out to be magically lighter than the rest, despite being loaded to the brim. Now the status and good taste are also present in the office material that you have at home, or in the letters sent by the romantics who are reluctant to replace pen and paper with WhatsApp or Facebook. Pepa Paper is a delicatessen stationery, with delicious objects (not for eating, that is) that will encourage you to buy a notebook or send a letter to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. They have several stores in Barcelona, on their website you can see a directory.

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Loring Art

Photo via Pexels

Thanks to the existence of these stationery designs, it will be more difficult for us to accept the end of paper notebooks, expired by ultra-smart phones, and hyper-efficient computers. These decorative objects, with modern designs, are very delicate that you are not sure if you are going to use them for its actual purpose. Times change and we need too, but originality will always be in fashion. This is the case of Loring Art, a design store that, among other things, has stationery material. They are located on Calle Floridablanca 65-67 and you can also buy their creations through their website.

Do you like stationery? Do you know any other design stationery in Barcelona?

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