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5 charming squares in Barcelona

5 charming squares in Barcelona
Written by Adriana

There is no doubt that Barcelona is a city full of charming corners and plenty to see. In this article, we at ShBarcelona propose that you go discovering some of these areas. They do not always appear in the guidebooks, but they accumulate so much history and beauty that deserve you have them in mind. They are the most charming squares of Barcelona, some of which may get further away from the circuits of the guides, but where you find more locals hanging out with family or where you will find bars or local more authentic.

1.Plaza of Sortidor: Poble Sec has slowly become one of the most bohemian city and increasingly is gaining more importance in the tours. For many locals it is the neighborhood of a lifetime in which to find a “lifetime bar” with a good vermouth or some delicious and cheap tapas. In this section we find a central point: Sortidor Square, with neoclassical source that names the way. We advise you not to get lost The Solea and lids.

concordia2.Plaza Concordia: in the little visited by tourists Les Corts is the Place de la Concorde, with the majestic church of Santa Maria del remedy as a protagonist, also noucentistes surrounded by buildings like the Civic Centre Mas Deu, where something worth taking, as well as any of the terraces you’ll find in the square for a delicious Sunday coffee or a drink at night.

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huescaplaza3.Plaza Huesca: Sants is another neighborhood that in recent years has reemerged and emerges as very interesting shopping and dining area in which to find local proposals and very innovative. In the Plaza de Huesca, close to Sants station, there are several terraces where you drink or eat a good portion or lid, making it a place increasingly visited a very special environment in which all known.

4.Plaza Sant Felip Neri: this unique square in Barcelona called the church which presides Baroque. It is located in the Gothic Quarter and in the center a fountain with an octagonal base on which to sit and take a break from our walk through this area. The oddest thing about this place are the marks of shrapnel that remain on its walls result from a bomb dropped by the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War.

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virreina5.Plaza of the Virreina: and finally, if you walk through the neighborhood of Gracia will be difficult to avoid in some way to this place, full of life, people, shops, bars and restaurants. The square of the Viceroy deserves to sit on the steps of his church and a good walk to get to observe and understand what is the nature and essence of the city.

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