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Scariest places in Barcelona – Part II

Scariest places in Barcelona – Part II
Written by Paula

Carrer Francisco Giner

People say that in the year of 1935 one particular building in Carrer Francisco Giner was the site of a number of paranormal events, all taking place during the same week. Legend says a sick child that lived in the building somehow created poltergeist, which produced loud noises and made the furniture float in the air. Some of the occurrences were witnessed by the police and the press, who were called by some of the terrorized neighbors.

Hotel Parador de Cardona

scary barcelonaThere is a hotel in the city of Cardona, part of the Barcelona province, that has one special room that is said to be haunted. Hotel Parador de Cardona is a gothic nineteenth-century castle that was renovated to receive guests. Visitors who have stayed in room 712 in the hotel have reported strange noises, finding faucets that start without anyone touching them, and even apparitions. There have so many reports of unusual things taking place in the room, that the management decided to close it. They only rent 712 now if someone requests that specific room. Even the cleaning ladies are afraid of the room. They always clean it in pairs, so no one has to remain alone there.

Legend has that in the nineteenth-century, a young Christian woman fell in love with a Muslim. This drove her father to rage, who then locked her in one of the castle’s towers (the one where the room is located), where she eventually died of a broken heart.

Carrer de Montcada

You might want to look over your shoulder when walking in Carrer de Montcada. This seemingly peaceful residential street in the Born neighborhood is the site of numerous kidnappings. Not only that, but there was a horrendous murder in Carrer de Montcada in the late twelfth century.  The Count of Montcada murdered Tarragona’s Archbishop Berenguer de Viladamuls in that street, and that the nature of his crime condemned him to wander Carrer de Montcada.

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Plaça del Comerç

This peaceful looking plaza in the district of Sant Andreu is supposedly a major site of paranormal events in Barcelona. It is said that as many as 10 paranormal occurrences like ghost apparitions happen at Plaça del Comerç each year, usually between 9 pm and 12 pm.

scary barcelonaCarrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat

Believe it or not, there used to exist actual witchcraft schools in Barcelona. The most famous one was located at Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat. Several of the people who were studied at the schools were burned at the stake, declared witches by the population.

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