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Barcelona with kids

Tips for your family trip to Barcelona

Tips for your family trip to Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is an excellent city to visit with your family, where there is something interesting for everyone. Soccer games for dad and the boys, plenty of beautiful stores for mum and the girls, and culture and fun for the entire family.

Barcelona is a great destination to visit in any season, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate that offers sunny skies most days of the year.

family barcelonaBarcelona is a safe, no-fuss city where there is no problem being out until late hours. You can go anywhere in Barcelona and feel at ease, provided you take the necessary precautions like paying attention to your belongings.

At Barcelona you and your family will be able to hear people speaking two different languages: Castilian (which most people know as “Spanish”) and Catalan, the official language of Catalonia. Spanish are educated, pleasant people that won’t mind lending you a helping hand either in their own language or in English, which a lot of people have studied and know how to use.

Useful tips for your family trip to Barcelona

#1 Purchase your airplane tickets with time. This is a tip that is good for a trip to any destination. The closer you are to the date you will travel, the priciest the tickets are going to be. So take your time to do some research and play around with the dates so you can find the best airfare for your trip with your family. Some of the most popular flight search engines in Barcelona are Rumbo, Skyscanner and Edreams.

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#2 Think about the area you would like to stay in. Barcelona has a variety of districts and neighborhoods, each one offering something different. If you are travelling with your children, it would be wise to think of staying close to some of the points you intend to visit, but also with enough distance from the center to allow your children to have a good night’s rest. It may be tempting to stay close to La Rambla or Plaza Catalunya, because it is the very center of the city, but that is the exact reason why it becomes so noisy at night.

#3 Consider what type of accommodation is best for you and your family. Is it a hotel?  Is it a bed and breakfast? Apartments can be a good idea, particularly if you are planning to stay for several days. Having different rooms allows everyone to have their rest time and having a kitchen can help save a lot of money in food. If you would like to get informed about some of the apartment options available, take a look at ShBarcelona’s website.

family barcelona#4 Divide the trip into culture and leisure time. In order to keep the whole family happy, try to create an itinerary that includes cultural visits but also leisure activities for the kids. Some interesting places to take your little ones to are Zoo de Barcelona, Aquàrium de Barcleona, Tibidabo amusement park, CosmoCaixa Science Museum and the Chocolate Museum.

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