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Discover Barcelona through Literature

Cathedral Of The Sea
Written by James

For the literary lovers among you a visit to Barcelona is something not to be missed. A number of authors over the last century have selected this city as the base for their stories.

Gracia, BarcelonaTwo such authors who have been able to carry out this successfully are Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Rodoreda. Both of these authors through their writing have been able to provide us with a unique picture of this city that really conveys the true essence of what is such an amazing city.

There are several different literary tours you can enjoy that enables you to immerse yourself in these authors stories. However the ones that I particularly recommend are as follows:

Tour 1 – The Shadow Of The Wind

This particular tour revolves around the novel written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón that is set in early 20th Century Barcelona. During the tour you will discover the true intensity of Zafón’s novel, whilst at the same time you will be able to explore the places that help to provide such a wonderful scenic setting for this literary piece.

The tour focuses very much on the historic heart of the city, and includes a visit to the legendary modernist bar “Els Quatre Gats” as well as a visit to Avenida Tibidabo.

Tour 2 – The Cathedral Of The Sea

If you are more interested in learning about what Barcelona was like 700 years ago then this is the tour to take. This one takes you on a trip in to the past around the Born district of the city. Not only do you learn more about the city’s feudal history but also during the tour you get to discover more about the historic old part of the city and places that have hidden from normal view.

Along with you getting the opportunity to take in the impressive “Cathedral of the Sea” which of course takes centre stage in this novel by Idelfonso Falcones you also get to visit Placa de la Llana and Placa Sant Jaume where the City Council is to be found.

Els Quatre GatsTour 3 – La Placa del Diamant

This tour is based around Rodoreda’s (one of Catalan’s most famous authors) most well know novels. Your time during this tour is spent exploring the Bohemian district of the city, allowing you to become part of the adventures of The Colometa who play a major role in the book.

Unlike the other tours you’ll find this one helps you to better cross over to the mythical places that appear in Rodoreda’s novel, whilst still ensuring that you learn more about the history of the Gracia.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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