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Food and Wine Tours in Barcelona

Written by James

As one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Europe, Barcelona has a lot to offer its visitors and residents, and a prominent feature of the city is its fantastic food and wine bars and restaurants. There are a number of tours running in Barcelona dedicated to showcasing the very best in wining and dining the city has to offer, and the following article will detail on these. This article will also provide the reader with information about how to rent a flat in Barcelona.

Food Tours in Barcelona

A food tour is a great way to experience the culinary highlights of the city and experience the various dishes favoured by the locals. There are a large number of different food tours currently running in Barcelona focusing on different types of restaurants and dishes. Among the most popular are those that visit various tapas bars around the city, and this is a great opportunity for you and other people in your party to familiarise yourselves with this famous Spanish dish. Prices for food tours will vary depending on the style of food presented and the restaurants visited, but it is possible to find low priced tours serving professionally prepared food.

Wine Tours in Barcelona

Wine tours are extremely popular in Barcelona and are attended by visitors and natives to the city alike. Barcelona wine tours visit various wine bars and cellars and give participants a chance to taste some of the best wine the city has to offer. Much of this wine is produced in Spain, but there will be wines from other countries available to try also. It’s important to remember that as the tour centres on the consumption of an alcoholic beverage that it is not ideal for people under the age of eighteen. In addition to the wine bar and cellar tours, there are also a number of tours that visit nearby vineyards, but such tours will generally be more expensive. Visit this piece by Catavino for additional information on Barcelona wine tours.

Finding Accommodation in Barcelona

There are plenty of apartments to rent in Barcelona for fixed periods of time, ranging from a month to a year. However, it’s always a good idea to lease property from a flexible letting agency such as ShBarcelona, a company that are the leaders in the single month rental market in Barcelona. A flexible letting agency allows the tenant to decide how long they wish to stay at the property, and companies like ShBarcelona have lease properties at extremely competitive rates. They are also involved in Barcelona real estate and have a selection of properties ideal for buying.


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