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Barcelona’s Best Scooter Tours

Written by Emily Elwes

Trying to get around Barcelona can sometimes be frustrating. As a visitor or tourist with limited understanding of Catalan or Spanish it can be difficult to figure out the public transit system, paying for hired driver’s or taxis can become quite expensive and the traffic congested. A better option would be to take a scooter tour of Barcelona for some hands-on experience with a professional guide and a bit of fun! Whether you are looking for luxury apartments or beach apartments in Barcelona a scooter can help you get around faster, easier and usually cheaper.

DSC05854Scooter Tour Basics

There are plenty of scooter tours to choose from in Barcelona. Most tours meet in centrally located places such as a central hotel, the beach or at designated spots throughout the city. Some tours provide for pickup and drop-off from hotels. Most tours run between 3 to 4 hours highlighting the most popular tourist spots in the city: La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi architecture, Hospital de Sant Pau, Montjuic or Guell Park, Olympic Park and they usually conclude with a drive along the waterfront. Some tours take place at set times while others can arrange specific timing for your party. Some require double occupancy on their scooters while others allow single drivers. Some tour stops at local restaurants for quick refreshment. What can really make or break a Scooter tour in Barcelona is the guide managing the tour. Make sure to check if the tour has an age minimum and driving history minimum and what type of instructions they provide to beginning scooterists.

Scooter Tour Services

Viator provides one of the best well-known scooter tour services in Barcelona and as a large travel operator can provide consistent service and quality amenities. Professional and quality English guides provide for an interesting and well developed tour. Cooltra Scooter Tours provide three different tours, one being the traditional all-city tour whereas the two others provide alternatives appealing to different senses. The beach and fun tour provides an in-depth look at the waterfront of Barcelona and other fun spots. The other tour is the modernist tour and follows the works of Gaudi and other modernist architecture throughout the city. These tours can be booked through third party websites, but it is often better to book direct to save money. After the tour is done, you could rent the scooter for the week & zip around town avoiding sweltering public transport and nasty traffic!

If you have taken any of these scooter tours, please tell us about your experiences in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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Emily Elwes

Emily is a freelance content editor & manager living & working in Barcelona. She's passionate about food, drink, language and collaborative consumption.

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