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Real estate market

What is a Smart Home?

man on tablet with icons domotics
Written by Daniella

When people talk about smart homes, they are referring to a house with home automation or domotics. These technologies help a property owner feel comfortable and secure, and they benefit a home’s energy efficiency.

But what specifically is added to a home to make it smart? And what are other characteristics of a smart home? This blog article by ShBarcelona will tell you more today.

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What is a smart home? Home automation systems you might not yet know of

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Photo via Pixabay

A smart home is different from a regular home, because of the use of electronic devices (audio, video, security, ventilation, climate control and lighting) that are inter-connected. These devices can be monitored and controlled by a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Domotics are an integrated part of and can transform your home into a digital living space. You can add other practical elements, like humidity meters or other measure and control devices. All of these will check energy usage and help to limit the impact on your environment and the earth.

Best of all is, that every home owner can add additional features or appliances to meet personal preferences and requirements. All these systems can work together, mostly through an app or control panel, and provide relevant information for its user.

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finger on home automation system

Photo via Pixabay

Properties can be built with home automation systems integrated from the first phase of planning the home, but they can also be added during remodelling works. One way or the other, smart homes offer several advantages compared to conventional homes:

  • Convenience is the main reason for building or buying a smart home. People really value having access to all of their home’s appliances, installations and systems, even if they are not at home (yet). They can influence a home’s ventilation, heating, music, intercom, cooling and multimedia.
  • Another advantage is safety and security. Many different security systems can be installed in a smart home, from an alarm system to camera’s and motion detectors. These can all be connected to a private security company or the local police. Besides using normal locks on your door, you can also have fingerprint ID locks or an access card. Nobody else will be able to enter your home.
  • Smart homes are often easier to access for disabled people or the elderly. Also the use of voice controlled systems helps them control doors, switch the lights on or off, or use a computer or mobile phone. Systems can be easily programmed to water the garden or feed the dog.
  • Another key aspect is energy efficiency. There are systems that regulate lights, so they are only on when someone is in the room. Climate control systems can also be adapted to personal needs, and all these systems together allow you to save water, gas and electricity. It will not only have a positive effect on your utility bills, but also have an environmental impact.
  • Smart homes for sale are worth more on the real estate market. This means that the value of a property with home automation systems is higher, than the value of a regular home. Smart homes come with advanced systems, and therefore they get a better energy certificate. This label guarantees that a home has been constructed or remodelled according to criteria that affect savings (on water, gas, electricity), efficiency and sustainability.

The digital era has now become a permanent part of our homes. Automation systems that are implemented are easy to use and have a very positive impact on feeling comfortable in and around our home. Besides that, we save money and use less energy. The only thing left to mention is, that a smart home requires a certain amount of money to invest.

Do you know of other home automation elements that are worth adding to a smart home?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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