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Smart Citizen, a sensors kit to share information in real time

Written by Adriana

Have you ever lost your house’s keys in an unknown location in your room, and lamented that they are not able to send you its location on the phone? Oddly enough, I have. On that concept of the “Internet of things” is based this project, designed by the development laboratory Hangar and manufacturing and ideation workshop Fab Lab Barcelona. With a kit of sensors based on an Arduino board to program, we can make “silent” objects or phenomena send real-time data to our social networks.In this case, the project has focused on measuring and evaluating the weather and pollution points of Barcelona through open and free programming code that encourage participation of all citizens interested on that initiative. The sensors send data that is collected by these kits and sent them to users’ social profiles. The Smart Citizen is an independent and self-funded project without financial or management companies support now seeking 19,000 euros through the crowdfunding network Goteoto be developed and implemented in Barcelona.

Smart Citizen Sensors Kit

According to Tomás Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona’s director, the purpose of this ambitious project is to “create a decentralized database for planning events, automate tasks, managing shared spaces, evaluate environmental conditions to choose jogging routes depending on the air quality, etc. “. To sum up, this proposal seeks that the information the sensors’ kit provide helps to improve our collective relationship and interaction with the city while respecting the environment, creating a “smart city” and a  “smart citizen”.To learn more about innovative and creative projects such as this, you will have to come to Barcelona. And what better to do it while staying in one of the best apartments in Barcelona? Come and discover ShBarcelona’s best vacation rentals in Barcelona.

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