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W6P – Personal training with Vitor Justiniano

Written by Paula

Exercise is an important part of life, be it to shape our bodies or to keep us healthy and flexible. If you would like to start exercising but don’t want to join a class, you may want to consider hiring your own personal trainer.

We caught up with Vitor Justiniano, from W6P, an expert personal trainer with over 17 years of experience, to talk a little bit about the benefits of personal training.

Vitor, can you tell us about your experience as a personal trainer?

Photo via W6P

I have been working as a personal trainer for over a decade. I started my path by studying Physical Education in college and I have been working in gyms as a teacher and personal trainer ever since. I have trained a variety of people with completely different personalities and objectives, helping them to reach their goals. I have worked with people from different cultures, having worked for 11 years in Brazil, 5 years in Portugal (where I completed my masters in high-performance sports training) and now I am working in Spain. Every single one of my experiences has enriched my training and increased my passion for training people and helping them achieve what they deserve.

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What do you think are the advantages of hiring a personal trainer, instead of joining a normal exercise class?

The main advantage of hiring a personal trainer is that you will be able to exercise with someone who will carefully prepare every class, with strong attention to detail, designing a plan that is specific to you and your needs. A personal trainer is, in reality, like a good tailor: he creates each class to fit that individual perfectly.

Do you offer one specific kind of training or are there different types of training, depending on what the person’s objectives are?

Photo via W6P

I offer different types of plans, which vary according to the client’s wishes and needs. The base of each training plan is strength training and functional training, but both are adjusted to each individual client. Some of my clients are looking to lose weight and to enhance their physical condition, other clients take my classes to prepare for a specific event, like a fitness competition. I also have clients who are athletes, who come to me looking to improve their performance.

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On your website, you also offer online training. Can you explain how it works?

The idea of offering online training came to me when I moved from Lisbon to Barcelona. I didn’t like the idea of leaving my clients from Lisbon behind since there were people I had been training for almost 4 years. When I train people online, I do it via Skype, guiding them in terms of what exercises to perform and keeping track of their performance through the feedback they give me via e-mail and Whatsapp. We also have virtual meetings from time to time so that I can update their workout plan. I created a questionnaire that is adapted to each individual, to learn about the client’s current physical shape, training or sports history, their health and their goals. That way, I can create a specific training profile for each client.


Photo via W6P

Vitor offers classes with different prices to fit all tipes of pockets.

Single sessions: 30€

Online training: 80€ per month

12 class-pack: 200€, with 3 classes per week.

If you have a very tight schedule or can’t afford to spend too much, you may want to opt for single sessions or for the online training program. But if you want to commit to exercising for the long run, the 12-pack class is a great investment, since each class will cost a little over a half of what a single class costs.

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