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Best areas for students to live in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

Are you considering studying in Barcelona? Don’t think twice – you won’t find a better place to study abroad in the entire world! A modern city bustling with life, culture, and entertainment, it is home to countless young people from all over the globe. The perfect setting for both adventure and personal growth, it will allow you to make new friends with diverse cultural backgrounds and there will never be a dull second during your stay. So, since that is clearly and easy decision to make, let’s talk about the next step in this new exciting chapter of your life, shall we? Where in Barcelona should you live? Some of the city’s neighborhoods are particularly well-suited for students, and we’re here to let you know all about them.

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Barrio Gótico

Photo by Turol Jones via Visualhunt

Located in the central district of Ciutat Vella, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a hot tourist spot due to its historical significance – it still showcases beautiful Roman ruins, which effortlessly blend with the modern establishments that surround them. Charming, magical and close to everything, Barrio Gótico is home to many expats – both students and workers.

El Born

Traditional, yet more modernized than it’s surrounding wards, El Born is where you’ll often find yourself eating, drinking and going out at night, so you might as well live in the area. Plus, compared to other areas in Ciutat Vella, this is where you’ll find the best, more recent housing.


If studying abroad in an exciting new country and city isn’t appealing enough, what if we add living right by the beach? With smaller houses but wonderful terraces and beautiful views, it’s a very enjoyable area to live in if you want to be closer to nature and enjoy the magical coast of Barcelona.

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Photo by faustonadal via VisualHunt

Eixample is a large area of Barcelona with two distinct sections – Dreta (right side) and Esquerra (left side). La Dreta de l’Eixample  is a very upper-class neighbourhood, while Esquerra is more of a student area, being home to many of the city’s universities. Both are good places to live and give you great access to the rest of Barcelona, with their only real disadvantage being the more expensive rents when compared to the other places on this list.


This is a very hip, youthful and diverse neighbourhood where you’ll find members of all tribes – hipsters, punks, goths, and more. It’s loaded with cool cafes, ecological bakeries – if it’s a millennial trend, you’ll find it here! It’s a really good place for students to live in, with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and a particularly precious movie theatre – one of the few in Barcelona which show movies in their original language, since dubbing is the norm in Spain.

There you have it – these are the main neighbourhoods where students live in Barcelona. Have you chosen where you want to live? To compare prices between the different barrios and easily find the perfect student apartment for you, visit ShBarcelona.

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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