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The best restaurants for a group lunch

Written by Christine

There’s nothing better than getting a group of friends or family together around the table to share a nice meal. Even better if that gathering is in a restaurant so that there is no cooking or dirty dishes involved afterward! In Barcelona, there are many restaurants where you can take a group and get a great deal on a group menu that is sure to please everyone.

Seco Taverna Km0

Photo by VisualHunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Seco Taverna Km0 is located in Poble Sec and what makes this place different is that it’s a restaurant that is committed to sustainability in addition to serving top-notch cuisine. The ingredients are ethically raised and collected so you know that what you’re eating is of high quality. This restaurant is ideal for groups of 10 or more, as there is a group menu which comes out to about €30 per person including several courses of food and drinks. The price and the quality of the food make this is a great deal, so don’t think twice before going to Seco Taverna KMO to enjoy a wonderful meal in great company.

Address: Passeig de Montjuïc, 74

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Flor de Maig

Flor de Maig is located just minutes away from Las Ramblas but still in a quiet and peaceful part of the center. Flor de Maig has a mix of traditional Spanish and Catalan dishes but also some Indian fare as well. There is a daily menu that costs €10.90 per person or four different group menus that give you a sampling of some of the best dishes, like tasty tapas or exotic Indian flavors. The variety of cuisine will be sure to please everyone in the group!

Address: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 29

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Panchito Gràcia

Photo by

Photo via Visualhunt

Panchito Gràcia is the place to go on Thursdays if you feel like adding a little spice to your life. This Mexican restaurant has a menu for €15 on Thursdays, which is a great deal on its own, but the meal is also accompanied by live mariachi music! Share some Mexican favorites like guacamole, melted queso, and ceviche as you listen to the famous music that will make you feel as if you’ve slipped away on a Mexican vacation.

Address: Carrer de Bruniquer, 33


Mson specializes in Mediterranean food and group menus so this is the perfect place to go out with family or friends for a traditional Catalan meal. There are four different group menus to choose from but the plan is similar in all of them. There are tapas to share within the group as the first course, things like Spanish ham, croquetas, and patatas bravas, and as the second course, dishes like cod, beef, and chicken prepared in various ways. The menus includes water, wine, and dessert as well. The cost is about €20 a person for a taste of delicious Spanish cooking.

Address: Carrer de Bacardí, 31

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